THE TWILIGHT SAGA: Get Bella’s Hair Color!

Our Twilight Saga coverage continues. Entertainment Gal uncovers the secrets behind Bella’s perfect auburn locks!

Bella has some gorgeous hair (we’re pretty sure it’s one of the reasons Edward can’t resist his soulmate!). It truly is a color to die for. At “Cocktails At Twilight,” an event inside Juan Juan Salon in Beverly Hills, L’Oréal Professionnel Celebrity Stylist Jennifer J, Kristen Stewart‘s colorist who worked on Breaking Dawn, revealed how to achieve the look.  

Bella’s wedding hair color is a mix of warm and reddish browns that is browner at the roots than the ends. Jennifer J, who created the color specifically for Bella’s bridal look, describes it as a fade: the browner roots fade to a lighter color. According to Jennifer, it’s already starting a trend among the fashion conscious to have “Bella”-colored hair. Check out the models pictured above. They are both natural blondes.  Jennifer dyed their hair the day before. Goregeous, right? You can get your stylist to achieve the color with the dark brunette/red shade from L’Oréal Professionnel line INOA.





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Published on: November 16, 2011

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