The DivaGals Remember Whitney Houston


The DivaGals are shocked and saddened by the death of Whitney Houston. We share our fondest memories of the iconic singer.

TV DivaGal. “I have always loved… Whitney Houston. I remember watching her “How Will I Know” video as a teen and grooving to its catchy beat as I admired her beauty, and not-so-secretly envied her voice. As an adult, her music of the eighties and nineties became my go to Karaoke songs  — my little tribute to one of my most favorites singers. She truly will be missed.”

Music Gal. “”I Will Always Love You,” my favorite song. I hope that Bobbi Kristina carries the positive aspects of her mom’s legacy well into the future.

Image Gal. “My favorite song is “Give Me One Moment In Time.” She had a voice that was other-worldy, a voice that could lift you up and inspire you. She was the Billy Holiday of our time. It’s a sad loss for the world. What else might have she moved us with had she conquered her demons?”

DigiGal. “I remember seeing The Bodyguard with TV DivaGal in an old, local movie theater, and it was magical, even if I did get sick of hearing “I Will Always Love You” on the radio every five minutes. Kids today don’t realize how big she was int he eighties; they just know of her troubled life in recent years. But she truly was one of the greats. So talented, it’s sad.”

Fitness Gal. “She was an absolute beauty and she will truly be missed. When she was good, she was great!”


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Published on: February 11, 2012

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