INSPIRATION GAL: Beat Feeling Defeated – Positive Change Part I!


“Can’t do,” is something I hear too much of these days. “I can’t do this, I can’t do that.” “Can’t do” is becoming an epidemic for all generations. It’s also poor grammar as most of the time I hear someone say I can’t do, they actually should be saying, “I will not do” because they are perfectly capable of doing what they say they cannot!

In the next few Inspiration Gal’s we are going to tackle the “can’t do,” problem that so many of us face. The first step to defeating the “can’t do” mentality is to stop hanging around “can’t do” people. You know the “can’t do” people in your life. Perhaps in your office they are the “ain’t it awful” lunch crew; at church they are “it won’t get better” complainers; and of your friends they are the “this sucks and “I’m stuck” posse. These are people who don’t have a positive vision for their life and the world. They have allowed themselves to be defeated. Like I said, “can’t do” is an epidemic and if you are around someone who has it, their defeat will infect you!

Instead, find friends who are excited about life; it’s OK if these friends aren’t in the greatest position now, as long as they recognize it is going to get better. These are the people who let nothing stop them, the ones who take risks, fail and get back up stronger! These are the “will do” people who never say “I can’t.” The best thing about the “will do” people is that their “will do” spirit is contagious. They are a part of the antidote for the “can’t do” epidemic!

Keep these people in your life and their inspiration will rub off on you! Before long, you will change that can’t do attitude into a “I can do anything” state of mind.

Be Undefeatable!
Inspiration Gal


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Published on: March 5, 2012

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