Jersey Shore’s Snooki Update: Engaged & Pregnant!

Nicole Polizzi, otherwise known as Jersey Shore starlet Snooki, and her boy toy Jionni LaValle are expecting a child. And rumors have been confirmed about a possible marriage—and the engagement ring cost over $55,000, according to MTV News!

MTV also mentioned that a local New Jersey jeweler helped Jionni customize the ring for his famous fiancé a couple of months ago. When he presented Snooki with the 3.02-carot “princess-cut” diamond band, she was in total shock, but also completely thrilled.  

Will Snooki’s wedding plans intervene with Jersey Shore and her spin-off show with her best friend J-Woww? The cast has allegedly supported her personal decision to pursue serious romantic commitments as Mrs. LaValle-to-be, but what will the producers of the Jersey Shore do when the Chilean star isn’t waking up hung-over anymore?

No word yet on whether MTV will abandon the spin-off and instead concentrate on Snooki’s new life as wife and mother-to-be. It would make for the most interesting married couple on the network since split couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, who also have babies on the way.

photo credit: MTV


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Published on: March 9, 2012

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  1. OMFG…. No Way!!! So exciting.

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