DIVAGALS DAILY DISH: Weddings + Babies?? Surprising news from Neil Diamond + Giuliana and Bill Rancic …



Actress Carey Mulligan marries musician Marcus Mumford

This makes us very happy! Robin Gibbs wakes up from 12 day coma
This makes us super happy … Baby oh baby! At last some good news from the Rancic family!
Neil Diamond puts a ring on it
It’s “World Book Night” … grab a complimentary novel in designated locations across the country
Its happening! Lifetime aka the “Women in peril channel” is remaking Steel Magnolias with an all black cast that includes Felicia Rashad and Queen Latifah
Real Housewives casting news. Three new wives have been added to New York cast. Yep just like a NYC cockroach … get rid of one and three more show up!
Jennifer Aniston is NOT a ho! She is just going to play one in a new film
Matthew McConaughey  and Woody Harrelson team up for a new project … No its not a live re-enactment of “Reefer Madness” … its a detective series!
“Think Like a Man” is number one at the box office!
New beauty treatment has Royalty buzzing … Who needs Botox when a bee sting may be equally as effective
Photo: Giuliana

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