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By   |   February 22, 2017   |   Get Fit

Trying to improve yourself in every area of your life at the same time is challenging. Often when you start to clean up one area, it leads you to have to clean up another and another and so on.

In week one of my Xerveo coffee challenge, I lost about 2.5-3 lbs depending on which scale I was using and at what point in the day I weighed myself. I was so proud of myself and it gave me a great confidence booster to take with me into Fashion Week and the start filming my new web series.

Sometimes when our focus shifts to take on one area, another can suffer. I am sad to report that for week #2 I did not lose any weight. In fact, there were a couple of days when the scale went up by 2 lbs. I’ll admit I had my close-to-tears freak out moment. But then I remember hormones and cycles can also make the scale deliver not a true reflection of what is really happening.

The scale is back at 136.5, but I feel confident that Week Three will yield better numbers and further progress. The key is to not give up. This is “Transform in 90 Days,” Not “Transform In Two Weeks.”

Here are tips you can follow to stay on track:

Give Yourself A Good News Recap. Professionally, I completed filming my role in a Short Film, Dante’s LOG; enjoyed reporting on Fashion Week from the front rows at shows and started filming on a new project. Taking a moment to acknowledge your accomplishments will fuel you to keep going.

Clean out clutter of all sorts! It’s almost impossible to get things done when you’re burdened with unnecessary clutter, physical or psychological. I will no longer willing to allow toxic people to drain me. And with the help of my fabulous assistant Angelica, I fixed a lot of issues and did a lot of streamlining of operations. I love a good cleaning out – which can lead to …

Give yourself a bit of a revamp. I’ve been documenting the year-long revamp of my base of operations, encouraged that the end is near and the results beautiful. A new, refreshed space can foster, nourish and your creative juices in all areas.

Enjoy the “rainbow moments.” I saw a double rainbow while in Florida, literally. Cherish these little moments. I had “Sex and the City” style, quality time lunch with my girlfriends after one Fashion show and celebrated a fabulous Valentine’s Day, where I was extra especially spoiled and adored

Make fitness goals a daily achievement.  I lost three pounds tracking almost all of what I ate. I bought leg warmers and ballet shoes and did several sessions with the NYC Ballets YouTube workout. I did five workouts with the 7-minute workout app “Carrot” and did several sessions on the elliptical. I made some appointments to address some injuries that are challenging my fitness goals. I make sure to get it in every day in some way.

Get some rest. I’ve been eating Kimberly Beauty Detox life style and feeling great, though I do fee tired from all the goings on from time to time. When I need a day of rest, I take it, as. Remember it’s about the journey, and that’s always continuing.

I am certain the combination of all these things that has given me the energy to get through very hectic times. You will too!

Check back for Sam’s weekly updates and tips and follow her on @SamIsPolished, #90Days and Instagram: samanthavonsperling.


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