How To Supplement Your Knowledge Of Supplements!

By   |   September 9, 2017

Hey Divas! It’s easy to follow a healthy diet, right? You just need to make sure you eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein, carbs, and fresh vegetables. But is it really that simple? There are various reasons why…

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Hot Hair, Skin & Nail Products You Must Have – From The Indie Beauty Expo!

By   |   September 7, 2017

The DivaGals attended the 2017 Indie Beauty Expo in New York City and discovered a slew of awesome beauty products – many organic and vegan. Explore the newest products on the block! Beneath Your Mask is the brainchild of African-American entrepreneur Dana Jackson,…

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Natural Secrets You Need For Getting Gorgeous Hair (Eggs! Co-Wash! Air Dry!)

By   |   August 31, 2017

Divas! Are you spending a heck of a lot of money on pricey hair products, but your hair still isn’t slayed? Sometimes the ads we see for hair products are over exaggerated – yo, we need the products to work!…

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Must-Have Fashion, Beauty and Travel Essentials … Just In Time For Labor Day Weekend!

By   |   August 30, 2017

Packing your bags for Labor Day Weekend? Here are some essentials you must have while you’re celebrating the end of the summer! STS BLUE. The weather is taking its first steps toward fall, so you’ll want a pair of jeans….

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Got Hair Everywhere? Why Not Try Laser Hair Removal!

By   |   August 29, 2017

Hey Divas! So you’ve been feeling a little hairy lately! Well, we’re here to tell you that laser hair removal is a popular and ever-growing niche in the skincare industry because so many people have unwanted hair and want to…

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Three Rules To Follow To Get Your “Dream” Shape

By   |   August 22, 2017

Hey Divas! Have you’ve been dreaming about your dream shape? Well, we’re here to tell you, there is no ideal figure and no perfect person – all shapes and sizes can be good – as long as you’re healthy. Still,…

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Need To Get Divaliciously Rested? We Have The Sleep Aid For You!

By   |   August 15, 2017

Hello my preciouses – it’s Luxe Gal. Did you have a good night’s sleep? Dr. Oz wants to know … and he wants to help make sure you get all the beauty rest that your body needs. Recently, Dr. Oz and…

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These Foodie Beauty Items Will Give You Great Skin!

By   |   August 9, 2017

Hey Divas! We know you want to have good looking skin, and you don’t need to wander over to the beauty counter for the skin care products you need. How about heading over to the food aisle and loading up…

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Three Effective At-Home Workouts To Get The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of

By   |   July 25, 2017

Hey DivaGals! Want to get a little fitter? Then change up your workout routine from time to time! When you do the same old thing, it doesn’t have the same impact, especially if you are looking to make some big…

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DIVAGALS TAKEOVER! Regan Farley Shares One Beauty Brand You Can’t Live Without!

By   |   July 19, 2017

Oil, Oil everywhere, even on the driest hair! My hair tends to be a little on the dry side no matter how much oil I’ve put in it. I had the chance to review two amazing ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan Oil…

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