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INSPIRATION GAL: Believe Yourself To A Better Life!

Sometimes we are our own worse critic. We say things to ourselves that no one would say to us unless they were trying to start a fight. We criticize our success at work, our weight, our ability to find love, and much harsher than our most critical friend could ever do.

When you feel insecure and unsuccessful, you must not dwell in these feelings. Instead you must flip the script: concentrate on who you want — and can — be!

Declare that you are successful, loveable and in shape, even if you feel you are not. Don’t just think these things as a passing thought: let it be your mantra. Whatever area you feel you are weak in, declare it as your strength instead.

Everytime someone calls your name or you take a sip of water, declare you are successful, beautiful, loveable — and any other words you need to empower the new you — even if you don’t feel it (it’s like the old saying goes: sometimes you have to fake it until you make it).

Remembered you are capable to be whatever you want to be. Concentrate on what you can be and own it!

I know you’re saying to yourself, “Inspiration Gal, why would I do that? It’s not true, and it won’t change anything.”

My dear Divas-in-turmoil. It’s not true — yet! Once you declare something positive, and start to be believe it’s true, the ways you can get there will start to unveil themselves to you. Seek out these moments, follow their paths, and your life will start to change for the better!

To Being the Best You Yet!
Inspiration Gal

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