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HOW-TO: In Praise of “The Otherhood”

Cameron Diaz took a stand that shocked many recently. In an interview with Esquire magazine she declared that she’s completely happy not having children. The DivaGals wants Cameron to know we are completely cool with that.

Cameron isn’t the only celeb who is living without childen. Oprah Winfrey, comedian Margaret Cho and actress Eva Mendez have also declared they plan to stay childfree. There’s a phrase that’s popping up for these women: The Otherhood, coined by Melanie Notkin.

While it seems the world enjoys dividing women into two categories: those who have kids and those who don’t, more and more companies and services seem to be opening their doors (and marketing dollars) to women who don’t have kids.

A recent study by DeVries Global shows that 47 percent of women of childbearing age in the U.S. do not have children, and they spend more on travel, groceries and beauty products (but surprisingly, not more time in the bathroom than moms. A DivaGal has to know how to get ready quickly!).

Here at, we want to embrace the multicultural woman whether she chooses (or by chance) to have children or not. Because the most important part of being a DivaGal means respecting a woman’s decision on how she chooses to live her life.

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