Ready To Change Your Space? Home Updates From DIFFA for Fall!

By   |   August 13, 2018

Summer’s coming to a close, which means it’s time to change your furnishing for the cozier cooler months. Here are ideas for several rooms in your home! LIVING ROOM. The annual DIFFA event invites local and international designers to transform a raw…

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What I Wore On Carnival Sensation – Get The Look with Rent The Runway!

By   |   August 2, 2018

Hello Divas! How did I spend my weekend? Drinking cocktails on my Carnival Sensation cruise. This ship may be 25 years old, but she’s still got a lot of kick in her! Between my trips to Key West, Fla. and…

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SYTYCD Alums tWitch And Allison Are Ready To Give You The Bluprint To Great Dance!

By   |   July 23, 2018

It’s Monday, Divas! That means our TV will be tuned to So You Think You Can Dance tonight for the reveal of this season’s final ten! We got a super special treat recently at the launch of Bluprint, the premier…

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Geek Gal’s Review of Interstate: the Musical of Intersectionality and Band Drama

By   |   July 19, 2018

Right move, Scarlett Johansson. Let the transgender people have their own voice. The New York Musical Theatre Festival’s mission to diversify theatre is paying off with a rockin’ charmer., Interstate the musical pulls no punches on intersectionalities as a pop-rock…

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The Scent To Wear At Your Wedding In Paris with Image Gal – WATCH

By   |   July 18, 2018

Want to smell great at your wedding? Our newlywed Samantha Bessuedo Drucker, her new married name, shares the scent she wore to walk down the (yacht!) aisle at her wedding in Paris – WATCH!

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FIT SUMMER. Foods and Treats To Keep You Healthy All Season Long!

By   |   July 17, 2018

Ready to get your Summer TasteBuzz on? Featuring delicious natural foods and snacks, we loved them all! Stay fit this summer with these tasty foods, meals and treats! Jackfruit Company – Delicious meals with “meat-like” Jamaican Jackfruit. We love is multiple health…

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Want Great Wine While Fine Dining? Here’s Wine Enthusiast’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants for 2018!

By   |   July 16, 2018

Divas! Kick off your week with this required reading for wine lovers! Wine Enthusiast has released its highly-anticipated issue of the 100 Best Wine Restaurants 2018! At the magazine’s VIP issue party, we enjoyed delicious nibbles at Greek hotspot Ousia in…

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What Makeup To Wear For Your Paris Wedding – Shop The Products With Image Gal – WATCH!

By   |   July 11, 2018

So how did our newlywed Samantha Bessuedo Drucker, her new married name, get her gorgeous look for her wedding in Paris? Watch the video below for her recipe for the perfect look (and some of her fave shades!) and shop the…

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No More Evening Gowns In Miss America Pageant? This Former Beauty Queen Says It’s The Wrong Move!

By   |   July 10, 2018

Luisa Diaz, author of the new book Sexy Is Timeless, and former Ms. Venezuela International shares her thoughts on the changes in the Miss America competition. Recently, the Miss America Organization announced that it was eliminating both the swimsuit competition…

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Get Beautiful Brows With Image Gal – Bridal Beauty Tips From A Paris Wedding – WATCH!

By   |   July 3, 2018

Hello Divas! There’s so much to share from our incredible week in Paris for the wedding of our dear pal and love expert Samantha Bessuedo Drucker – her new married name – who wrote our series 90 Days To Find…

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