NYFW Spring ’19 – Christopher Lowman Salutes America!

By   |   September 10, 2018

born and raised in New York City, Christopher Lowman began his career in 2014 interning for menswear brands in the Big Apple. Christopher’s first show was in 2014 and has been wowing us ever since. This season his “Glorious Olympics”…

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What I Wore For My Wedding Celebrations – How To Get The Look (Shop Now!)

By   |   September 5, 2018

The union of Samantha and Jeffrey Drucker wasn’t just a wedding – it was a major celebration! The gorgeous couple, who met during Samantha’s Find A Husband in 90 Days search, had several celebrations leading up to their perfect wedding on…

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Find The Prefect Wedding Dress For Your Special Day (Secrets From Our 90 Days To Find A Husband Guru!)

By   |   August 29, 2018

New York Fashion Week is just a week away! To kick things off, resident Image Gal – Samantha Bessuedo Drucker – who met her husband in 90 Days – tells us how to get the perfect wedding dress. After 20…

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Fit Summer! Get Jacked With Fitness By Kobi – WATCH!

By   |   August 28, 2018

The summer is almost over – but an effective fitness routine never ends! That’s why the DivaGals headed out to Brooklyn, N.Y. to hang for an afternoon with Kobi Noiman, owner of Fitness by Kobi, in his hardcore fitness space. Kobi believes in…

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Does Your Man Need Grooming? Newlywed Samantha Bessuedo Drucker Reveals Top Tips To Grooming Your Man!

By   |   August 24, 2018

The DivaGals know that Old Spice will get your man smelling fresh … but why stop there? We asked our resident Image Gal Samantha Bessuedo Drucker, who is now a Real Housewife, to share her top Grooming Tips for Men…

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Ready To Change Your Space? Home Updates From DIFFA for Fall!

By   |   August 13, 2018

Summer’s coming to a close, which means it’s time to change your furnishing for the cozier cooler months. Here are ideas for several rooms in your home! LIVING ROOM. The annual DIFFA event invites local and international designers to transform a raw…

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What I Wore On Carnival Sensation – Get The Look with Rent The Runway!

By   |   August 2, 2018

Hello Divas! How did I spend my weekend? Drinking cocktails on my Carnival Sensation cruise. This ship may be 25 years old, but she’s still got a lot of kick in her! Between my trips to Key West, Fla. and…

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SYTYCD Alums tWitch And Allison Are Ready To Give You The Bluprint To Great Dance!

By   |   July 23, 2018

It’s Monday, Divas! That means our TV will be tuned to So You Think You Can Dance tonight for the reveal of this season’s final ten! We got a super special treat recently at the launch of Bluprint, the premier…

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Geek Gal’s Review of Interstate: the Musical of Intersectionality and Band Drama

By   |   July 19, 2018

Right move, Scarlett Johansson. Let the transgender people have their own voice. The New York Musical Theatre Festival’s mission to diversify theatre is paying off with a rockin’ charmer., Interstate the musical pulls no punches on intersectionalities as a pop-rock…

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The Scent To Wear At Your Wedding In Paris with Image Gal – WATCH

By   |   July 18, 2018

Want to smell great at your wedding? Our newlywed Samantha Bessuedo Drucker, her new married name, shares the scent she wore to walk down the (yacht!) aisle at her wedding in Paris – WATCH!

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