DISH! Girl Fight: Nicki vs. Farrah! Remembering Bowie…


We are still mourning the death of David Bowie, who passed away from cancer at the age of 69. Thank you for the music. Our hearts go out to Iman and her family.

Girl fight on twitter! It’s Nicki Minaj versus Farrah Abraham and Chrissy Teigen was calling the play-by-play. I am  definitely Team Nicki. Farrah, you lost us at “self exploitation” and verbal abuse of your mom. We wish you’d retire from reality TV and go back to school.

America’s Next Top Model is back! VH1 has brought it back to life. This time they are probably flying without Tyra ‘cause real models are expensive.

Keisha Knight Pulliam is getting married. Yeah! But it’s to her co-star’s ex. Oh… and … it’s complicated … We just wonder if she’s going to have three last names now.

Photo: David Bowie Instagram




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