Feel Sexy In the Summer (No Matter Where You Are!) A Delicious Recipe!

By   |   June 2, 2016   |   Relationships

Our resident image consultant Samantha von Sperling gives her “recipe” for feeling sexy in the summer sun!

Why is it when we’re one shot of tequila down on the hot sand, slathered in coconut oil, surrounded by bronzed pretty people in scandalous bikinis and bright swimming trunks, life is better? Simple, because it is. Everything seems sexy in the sun.

I realized this during one of the year’s most exclusive weddings, held on a remote tropical island with approximately 350 pretty people.

Playing in the sand and dancing on the beach till 7 a.m. where everyone happy being happy is heaven. It’s an energy and spirit that even New Yorkers can learn from. Building walls is sad. We have so much to lose without each other’s company. Building castles in the sand together is a better aspiration.

There are jewels to be acquired and quite honestly our hot blooded Latin neighbors abroad and within our midst have a great and seductive energy that can help ease our cold demeanor and melt our frigid gringo ways, like the ice cubes melting in my cocktail.

Is there anything better then a day at the beach? When palm trees wave seductively while sultry rhythms play, do we not think to ourselves. We’ve finally understood what life’s really about and question our return ticket back to the hustle and grind? I wished to stay in my swimsuit forever, convinced that wearing a bikini everyday must be the ultimate diet aid/appetite suppressant.

But most of all, it’s the relaxed sensuous feeling that permeates the ocean breeze that’s missed, long after the tan fades. That carefree feeling that has us dancing salsa and laughing till dawn is what we wish we could bottle and take back with us.

Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t recapture just a hint of what we left behind. Here in Manhattan, where I reside, we have swanky poolside rooftop terraces which are a welcome oasis amidst the hot asphalt.

We add expensive sandals and bikini it took days to find, just to make the day feel sexy. But here is my personal recipe to recreate those feelings:

(Warning: This is a highly addictive cocktail with aphrodisiac properties. Drink at your own risk. Consuming this cocktail in a group has been known to cause a hot scene!)

• 1 coconut with its water
• 2 shots rum or tequila
• Double up the portions so you have some to share
• Rim the glass with chillies, salt and organic evaporated cane juice crystals
• Add a twist of fresh lime while offering your lover a tangy kiss.
• Muddle in the pulp of every exquisite tropical fruit that ever was
• Shake well while dancing to playlist of all Latin greatest hits ever!
• Stir in the sun’s glow (or moonlight) to taste
• Serve chilled
• Garnish with comfy seat and a sunset!

Now go catch some relaxing rays for yourself.

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