Helpful Hints for Finding And Styling The Perfect Dress For Summer!


Hey DivaGals! Summer is almost here, which means rocking the essential summer wardrobe staple: the dress! This versatile piece comes in all different styles, colors and patterns. There will always be something to suit you, whatever your personality. We love that dresses are very feminine pieces of clothing, but with the selection of styles and shapes, you can take it from sweet to sassy! There will always be something to suit you, whatever your personality!

Like a true DivaGal, we want your dress to look absolutely amazing on you! First, find out what kind of dress suits your body type. Realize some dresses can make you look curvier, and others can give you shape in all of the right places. . Now here are some more helpful hints to help you make the most out of the dress!

Pear shaped Gal? Try a dress that cinches in at the smallest part of your waist, then skims over the hips to slim you down. But don’t be afraid to stray from this rule if you feel comfortable doing so. It’s all about what you like and showing off your personality.

Fun Ways Of Accessorizing! You can add more personality and character to your dress by finding fun ways to accessorize. Add accessories that you feel show off your personality and character perfectly. You can layer up, or just go for statement pieces.

Style Mix-Ups To Create Your Own! A dress is inherently girly, but when you mix it with different styles you can create your very own look that can go from girly girl to rocker chick! One look that works really well for an edge is pairing cute dresses with a leather jacket. It will instantly give your look an edge. Try doing different things to give your dress look its own, unique personality.

A little Celeb-spiration! When celebrities step on the red carpet, they look very confident. It’s one of the reasons they look so incredible. When wearing a dress, channel your inner celebrity and give a major pose. You’ll rock it and your confidence will shine through. You could even do a Beyonce and create your own alter ego like Sasha Fierce!

Decent Shapewear Is A Must! You should never feel bad for wearing shapewear to make your dress look flawless. Pretty much every celebrity wears it. Shapewear will pull you in in the right places and give you a bodycon dress body. And Divas, we deserve it! No one does it better than Spanx, check it out!

Need some ideas where to start to find the perfect dress? Check out some of fave go-to companies. We love BooHoo.comfor inexpensive but stylish choices. Want something with a little edge? Love a girly look? We can’t get enough of Molly Bracken, a French designer. from Are you a curvy girl? Then Lane Bryant is the choice for you!

These tips can help just about anybody rock a dress. Step outside of your comfort zone and try new looks, colors and styles. You might find a new style that you love!

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