GAL APPROVED! Foundation For Letters Gala with Bevy Smith. Plus: MMXV Infinitude and Renew Life!

By   |   November 3, 2017   |   Gal Approved

INSPIRE. We hear parents tell their kids to “use their words.” We also know that some of this generation’s most profound artists have done just that, including Lin Manuel Miranda in his multi-award-winning masterpiece Hamilton. Inspired schools are using the same strategy to encourage and develop new voices who are sharing their narrative, and its teachers were recognized at the 6th Annual Foundation For Letters Fall Benefit Gala And Award Ceremony. The organization offers “unique and engaging, writing-based academic and enrichment programs, targeting outreach to High School and Junior High students in under-served urban neighborhoods.” Hosted by TV personality Bevy Smith, it honored three distinguished voices today: Bronx Loaf workshop leader Amy Ewing, National Book award nominee Ibi Zoboi and author and YouTube sensation Karina Garcia, while inspired students awarded their educators for encouraging them to use their imagination as the catalyst for educational excellence.

TRANSFORM. Sick of that multitude of face moisturizers in your bathroom? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you had one product that did it all – soften, moisturize, brighten and tone? That’s the idea behind MMXV INFINITUDE, the first luxury multi-function skincare treatment from Mitani Group. At its launch party, creator Dr. Mirela Mitan, who holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and an MBA in Luxury Marketing – explained the vision behind her revolutionary product. After migrating from Romania and creating high-end products for some of the leading companies in the beauty industry, Dr. Mita knew she could take her decades of knowledge and create one product that offers seven skincare solutions: no need  for additional serum, brightener, moisturizer, eye- day- and night- or neck/décolleté cream. TV DivaGal has used MMXV Infinitude for the past two weeks and my skin looks clearer, brighter and free of pores. With MMXV Infinitude, I can clean out my medicine cabinet – and make room for more haircare!

HEAL. Did you know that many of our health issues can be traced back to an unhealthy gut? The gut contains more than 100 million neurons and works with the immune, live and central nervous system. Keeping it in tip-top condition is a must, and that’s the goal of RenewLife, a leader in gut health and wellness. Offering probiotics, enzymes and other products, taking this type of supplement can improve your immunity, energy and happiness; can decrease stress and discomfort; and have a powerful impact on your sleep, memory and diet. At the RenewLife luncheon, the DivaGals learned that the brand has awarded $100,000 to Professor Elaine Y. Hsiao, assistant professor in the Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology at UCLA to continue her prestigious research in gut health. And that alone is one gutsy thing to do! #beinghumantakesguts


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