GAL APPROVED! Keds Turns 100, Swiffer It Clean & Insta A Curl!

Ciara @ KEDS

CLEATS. Who doesn’t love a good sneaker? Well, Keds is celebrating 100 years of being Divalicious! The DivaGals joined the iconic brand on the eve of NY Fashion Week Fall ’16 to recognize the brand’s centennial — and score a customized shoe in the form of its classic white Ked. We spotted Wendy Williams on the scene as well as Ciara (pictured up top), who performed at the Keds Centennial in partnership with Refinery29 in New York City on Feb. 10. What a way to ring in a week of great fashion!

CURL. TV DivaGal loves all her units, but curling them up can be a challenge — or at least it was. With the InstaWave Automatic Curler, I worked the spirals in back on my mannequin head, using a styling spray  to hold them in place. I’ll admit, it took a minute to master placing the InstaWave  apparatus just so, but once you figure it out — it works like a charm. Best of all, the curls last. My traditional curling iron can take a vaction… indefinitely!

CLEAN. Living in NYC means dealing with dirt. No matter how up you are on your cleaning habits, grime and dirt is a constant battle. At the Swiffer “Yes to the Mess” event in New York City, which featured a bevy of untidy, but educational, activities, we saw how Swiffer can make big messes from the the littlest of people be gone. Biggest lesson learned? Swiffer gets up dirt — no matter what your age,
photo credit:  David X Prutting/
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