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By   |   September 29, 2017   |   Gal Approved

SEE. We are all for experimental comedy. So when we got word that Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in Chelsea was putting on two comic pieces that touch on issues that could be considered a little unnerving for dinner conversation, we had to go! First up: one of our newest #WBWD Jay Malsky, who puts himself on trial for sleeping with straight girls’ boyfriends. This short romp pays homage to some of our fave musicals as Jay discusses what it’s like to be a gay man who is hooking up with seemingly straight men – and he sings out the reactions from the women scorned. Some of it made us chuckle, but when he’s with a man who has a family waiting at home – we remember that infidelity is awful, no matter who is the other partner. Catch Jay’s upcoming performances on Wednesday, Oct. 4 and Monday, Oct. 23 at UCB.

We stuck around to see the Obama Daughters: Requiem for America, a terrifying tale of what could happen if Trump was still in the Oval Office in 2036. Luckily the Obama daughters are there to take on the challenge of righting the wrongs set in motion more than 300 years ago, with some hilarious interactions along the way. Catch creators and stars Caroline Martin and Keisha Zollar in an upcoming performance on Friday, Oct. 13 at UCB.

WATCH. Having a small business in America is one of the hardest – and most rewarding challenges a person can take. But everyone could use a little expert advice to reach their fullest potential. That’s what makes Small Business Revolution on Main Street  (pictured up top) – which just launched season two on Hulu – so enjoyable. Powered by the Deluxe Corporation, the company picks one small town to bring its expertise to and revitalize several small businesses in the community. This year’s lucky town is Bristol Borough, Penn., a diverse neighborhood that helps it own. In eight online episodes, Deluxe small-business marketing experts execute a $500,000 revitalization to local businesses and entrepreneurs.

The DivaGals got a sneak peek under the hood of Hems Automotive Repair, owned by charming couple Roland and Megan Hems. Watching the duo get a much-needed tune-up of their fledgling business and a more time to enjoy being parents of their toddler daughter is moving. We also got a glimpse at Ramona and Marcus Jones, a mother/son duo who are given a new lease on their kiddie daycare center, which will be the focus of an upcoming episode.

At the screening, we took a few words of advice from series mentors: Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec and Deluxe Corporation’s Amanda Brinkman:

– At the beginning, you may take on anything that makes a dollar but what’s more valuable is your time
– Running a business is one part inspiration and one part education – most people have the passion; they need to learn how to run a business
– If you have the confidence that you can do what is it that your offer, then be clear in your marketing: what do you want to be known for
– It’s ok to have partners and ask for advice.

Catch Small Business Revolution on Main Street on Hulu, with a new episode premiering every week.

photo credit: Deluxe

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