Get Away This Weekend . . . To Chicago!

Chicago Park

Hey DivaGals! Looking for a last-minute weekend excursion? Chicago, one of the largest cities in the U.S., is the perfect place for a romantic weekend away. Or maybe a girly break, depending on what you want to do, of course! Because Chicago is famed for its gorgeous architecture and its iconic museums, it’s the perfect place to spend the next 48 hours. Not to mention the fact that it’s home to some of the very best restaurants. Have we got your attention? Good! Now the question is, what goes into planning an awesome break? Keep reading, you’re about to find out!

If you’re only going to be in the city for a couple of days, it’s crucial that you pack as much into your trip as possible. There’s no doubt about it while you’re in Chicago, you have to see Millennium Park — a park filled with incredible artwork. There’s lots of places to sit and relax, as well as various free music events to enjoy.

If you like to shop, visit Michigan Ave. And, of course, Chicago Lakefront is an absolute must-see: walk, boat or cycle around it, just make sure you don’t miss it! Of course you’re going to need a place to stay! If you book via discount sites, you can make some great savings.

For some fantastic deals, have a look at Hotwire, and you’ll find there are plenty to choose from. When it comes to choosing your accommodation, it’s all about being savvy. The more money you can save on where you stay, the more you’ll have to enjoy your trip. As we’ve mentioned above, Chicago is home to some incredible places to eat. From southern fried chicken eatery Big Jones, to pizzeria Spacca Napoli, there are some amazing places. Make a plan to hit as many places as you can handle! Chicago definitely has something for everyone, so it’s the perfect place for a weekend break. Do your research about where you stay — and where to eat — and you’re sure to have the most amazing time!

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