HOW–TO Understand Your Clothing Style . . . And Where To Get More!

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What does your style say about you? According to a recent study, apparently our clothes say a lot more about us than we think they do. What you wear doesn’t just come down to what’s in fashion, it also links to your personality and individual sense of style. Even if you follow the most popular trends to a T, there will be a few small tweaks you make to your look that showcases your true character.

Check out this interesting study to find out what your style says about you … and where you can get that look!

Back In Black. Black clothing may be a staple in NYC, but it still says a lot about your personality. Wearing black and dark toned clothing could mean that you want to blend in, or are happy to take a step a back. Luckily there are plenty of black pieces that are stylish and can make you stand out, like those from I Am Attitude. Of course, black clothing also tends to have a more formal feel to it, as it’s a shade commonly used for formals and of course, black tie events.

Dip It Low. Do you dress in a lot of low cut tops and dresses? According to a range of research, this suggests that you like to be in control and want to feel powerful. If you take the likes of Kim Kardashian for example, she consistently dresses in low cut outfits and loves to look and feel powerful. Interesting, right? Why not make it a fun and stylishly lowcut? Our pals at have tons of options. The DivaGals say if you do go low on top, make your bottom half more modest to keep it looking classy, not trashy.

Who Wears Short Short? You got a ton of short dresses and skirts in your closet? If you’re between the ages of 13 and 30, it could mean that you’re looking to stand out and gain attention. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – enjoy it while you have that youthful physique. If you’re petite, shorter outfits can help elongate your legs. Now they say that women over 30 shouldn’t go short – but we disagree. It’s all how you put it together. A short (not MINI) skirt over coordinated color tights can be utterly stylish. And invest in quality pieces that you couldn’t afford in your twenties.

Bright & Bold! Do you love to dress in beautiful, bright tones? If you love dressing in bright, bold shades, this suggests that you’re a happy, positive person. And jewel tone colors looking amazing on brown girls. Afraid to bring color to your wardrobe? Start small. Add a bright scarf to an outfit. Then step it up with a skirt in an amazing hue. You’ll make yourself smile when you look in the mirror.

Accesorize! Did you know that even your accessories say something about you? According to psychologists, if your funds are low, you may try to dress yourself up so that you look like you have money, and the most common way of doing this is by wearing lots of different accessories. But what do they know? Every DivaGal knows a great selection of accessories in your wardrobe can take the plainest outfit to the next level! Why not try to reflective pieces from Nicki Marie Jewelry.

What you wear does link to your personality in a range of ways. Of course, this shouldn’t limit the choices you make on style … or maybe feel encouraged to try something new!

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