Maison Mumm’s big reveal hosted by Kellan Lutz


File this under Champagne Diaries … Chapter three “sipping champagne with a handsome film star”

“Maison Mumm officially unveiled its revolutionary new bottle design for the Mumm Grand Cordon at a celebration at Lightbox in New York City.  Designed by famed British designer Ross Lovegrove, the new bottle forgoes any labels and instead indents Mumm’s iconic red sash and emblem into the body of the bottle, resulting in an avant garde and forward thinking silhouette that also completely changed the champagne aging process.”  The dashing Kellan Lutz and Didier Mariotti raced against time to deliver the new bottle from France to the US via private jet, motorcycle, speed boat and sports car along with adrenaline filled scenes of skydiving that would make James Bond proud.   The end result was the “Daring Delivery” of a champagne bottle to the US and a fun evening that found us sipping chilled champagne with non other than the Twilight star himself. Watch the Daring Delivery here!
For a mere $45 you too can enjoy a Mumm champagne adventure!
Photo: Amanne Media
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Maureen Martin