THE MANE EVENT. Getting Flat With L’ANZA At Ammon Carver Salon!


A wavy girl needs to get her straight on every once in a while. That’s why I took a trip to Ammon Carver L’ANZA Healing Hair studio, located in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. The brainchild of owner/master colorist/ L’ANZA haircare Global Creative Director Ammon Carver,  this is no ordinary salon; it’s also a fully functional photography studio. That means you could prep and shoot a session or a video all in one place, which can save time and finances.


I was placed in the very capable hands of stylist Sam Ahmad. While I was scheduled for a wash and blowout, I explained that I was wearing my “summer unit” and it could take hours to dry my natural hair underneath if it got wet. He told me honey, we’ll just dry shampoo you and give your girl a good flat iron, which he proceeded to do with ease.

Sam noted that my unit’s ends could use a little trim after attacking those “root” wig strands that often get matted. As a unit ages, it often has to be trimmed to keep it looking fresh. Let it evolve into its new length style with grace by keeping those ends clipped.


Me, Sam and my golden girl right after we finished flat ironing.


Adding a little color and highlight to the face for a sassy finish!


I scored a big bag of L’ANZA goodies. Used exclusively in the studio, the L’ANZA brand is a global leader in sustainable organic and wild-crafted plant-based luxury salon hair color and care, and is offering new breakthroughs in hair color design that I can’t wait to try on a new unit!

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