How To Pick The Perfect Grey Paint Color With Glidden! Small Apartment Makeover – Part II

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Hi DivaGals! We’re getting to one of the most challenging parts of an apartment redo – the painting! While it seems it should be easy – you just pick a color and go – know that several factors will play a huge role in how the paint appears once it’s on the walls.

That was our dilemma as we tried to make over our small urban apartment. We’re striving for the perfect grey interior, but our seemingly perfect grey tone turned up to be more blue.

So we tried again. And yet – still blueish! What could we possibly be doing wrong?

We decided to turn to the Glidden experts for some guidance. DivaGals spoke with Misty Yoemans, senior color marketing manager for Glidden, who analyzed our issue and schooled us on what affects paint color – especially a neutral like grey. Now we’re sharing how to get that grey color on the wall right – your FIRST time around.

Get A Guide. Walking into the painting section can be overwhelming – there are literally thousands of colors. If you don’t know where to start, let Glidden be your initial guide. “Our colors are arranged by step up/step down system, so if you like one color, you can go its next levels of light or dark easily.” Which can work for you – and against you, as we learned from our attempts with Silver Blue Pearl and Cloud Motif Grey. “They both have blue undertones – one is just a lighter shade of the other,” Misty clarifies. Try to get your hands on a Glidden Fan Deck to show you which greys are in the same family, or take home a gray/charcoal brochure that shows several shades of Glidden’s of grey paint – it will give some nice ideas on paint colors that complement one another too.

Lighting Decides Your Shade of Grey. “Lighting is tricky – how you are looking at it in a store under florescent lights or outside is not the lighting in your house or apartment,” Misty explains. “If you don’t have direct outside light and depend on lot of lamps, the color of the bulb can throw off color.” That indirect light is a lot less intense and can make grey paint appear bluer and cooler. So if you’re trying to paint your wall grey – and it’s anything other than a true one (just gradients of black and white) its undertone will mostly like show through, which is why our apartment looked blue after our first attempt. However, this cooler effect will also prevent shadows, which may be something to think about.

Swatch Baby, Swatch! This may the most important step in painting. Pick yourself up a few sample batches of the grays you are drawn to, and actually paint a large swatch on your wall. You’ll get a true opportunity to see the paint in action, and figure out which grey you love best. Want a gray to warm up your space? Try Glidden’s Fossil Grey, which has a bit of a brown undertone – a look that’s trending right now. For the cooler grey – Pebble Grey may be your jam.

Your Furniture Affects Grey Paint Too. “If you have a green couch and that’s not changing, paint your grey swatch next to your couch and see what undertone comes out in the paint,” Misty advises. You may want to reconsider what will be the perfect complement to your existing furniture.

So our final decision? We’ve decided on Snowfield White which, despite its name, has a nice subtle hint of gray. Perfection. Check back soon to see our transformation!

Learn more about Glidden and its colors at They site even has a virtual room visualizer, where you can upload a photo of your space and test it out with different colors.

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