Eight Steps To A Perfect Head-To-Toe Pamper Session – Right A Home!

By   |   October 12, 2017   |   Beauty

Sometimes Divas, you just need to pamper yourself. There are times where you may have had an awful day, or you’re not feeling well, or you just feel generally down – these are definitely the times when a good pamper session is not a luxury, it’s a must!

A good pamper isn’t just about good products and relaxing; it’s about enjoying yourself and making yourself happy. If you hate baths, then opt for a shower! If you relax by having a good workout, then go for it! This time is all about doing what you want to do to make you feel great.

Throughout your pamper session, ignore all the things that made you need it in the first place. Let your stresses go and get lost in what you’re doing. Spending time looking after yourself in this way doesn’t just help you physically, it can also help you mentally.

Here are some of our top tips to have the best self-pamper day!

Take A Bath. Take off all your makeup, let your hair down and soak in a bath full of bubbles or bath salts. Use your favorite scents to introduce some aromatherapy. For a calmer experience use something like chamomile or vanilla, and for a deeper scent use things like jasmine or lavender. Put on your favorite music to sing to and have some fun for a bit, then try some classical or acoustic to really relax to. Wet a washcloth and place it over your eyes – this will help reduce any dark circles or redness around the eyes from a busy life.

Get Scrubbing. When you’re in the bath, it’s a great time for a deep exfoliation all over. Use a scrub that is right for your body – avoid harsh ingredients if you have sensitive skin or a skin condition. And remember that body scrubs don’t go on the face – you can get a face wash that exfoliates that area. You can apply a scrub with your hands or with an exfoliation glove for a more intense scrub. Make sure you rinse off thoroughly.

Mask Your HairDeeply nourishing your hair with a shampoo and deep conditioner can feel so relaxing. Find a hair mask that will treat your type of hair, whether it be dry, frizzy or dyed hair. Finding the right type for your hair will give it the right treatment. Follow the instructions for timings, and rinse out thoroughly.

Remove Hair You Don’t NeedIf you shave or use hair removal creams, take the time to do it properly. Spending some time doing it properly can keep your legs from getting dry and ingrowing hairs appearing. Once you’re out of the bath, it’s the prime time to pluck your eyebrows. The steam from the warm water will have opened up your pores to let you easily get the hairs by the roots with no pain.

Moisturize!  When you exit the bath, pat yourself dry with a clean towel. Allow your body to cool down before applying your moisturizer, so that your pores don’t clog up. Again, your face will need a different cream than the rest of your body, and again choose the right one for you. For your body, a lotion with tea tree oil is great for normal skin, and a coconut moisturizer is great for dry skin. As you apply it with your hand or a mitt, use firm motions to help work out any kinks in your muscles. If you are planning on using a mask later on, then leave your face moisturizer free until the morning. Let your moisturizer air dry while you do the next step.

Shape Your Mani-Pedi. Now that you are all clean, buffed and moisturized, it’s now time to pay some attention to the extremities. A mani-pedi can be done while listening to your favorite music, to a calming playlist, or watching the TV – whatever you prefer. Take your time here and really treat your paws. To up your mani-pedi game, invest in some paraffin wax to really cleanse and soften up your hands and feet. You can also look into gel nails instead of the regular nail varnish; they last longer and as long as you take it off properly you won’t ruin your nails.

Mask Overnight. If you’ve opted for the overnight mask instead of a face moisturizer, then make sure you know how to find the best overnight face mask for your skin type. An overnight mask may leave a smear on your pillowcase, so you might want to use an old one or place a towel down to sleep on. Using one of these masks is a great way to deeply moisturize your face and to draw out any imperfections slowly.

Mix In Some Add-ons. You can mix up your pamper routine by adding in any special treatments or routines beyond what you usually do. You might home dye your hair or do some home microabrasion to take your skin to the next level. And you can always amp your pampering game with some nightly lit candles and a glass of your favorite wine.

photo credit: courtesy of Praisaeng at FreeDigitalPhotos.net




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