Three Rules To Follow To Get Your “Dream” Shape

By   |   August 22, 2017   |   Beauty

Hey Divas! Have you’ve been dreaming about your dream shape? Well, we’re here to tell you, there is no ideal figure and no perfect person – all shapes and sizes can be good – as long as you’re healthy. Still, having a goal for the dream shape that you’d love to reach can be an important thing, because it means that you have your own personal goal, regardless of other people’s shapes or sizes.

The point is that this has to be something you’re doing for you. Maybe you don’t want to look like the girls on Love & Hip Hop, or maybe you do. The key is to understand that it’s going to be hard work if you have a specific goal. Here are some tips and links to our fave fitness articles that will inspire you and show you the way to get into your dream shape.

DIET! Diet is everything. It’s the most important part of getting into a good shape. When you cut out all the bad foods from your diet, you’ll notice a huge difference in weight within as little time as a week. The things we eat play the most important part in the state of our body, but it’s important that you don’t cut out the good foods from your diet. Remember, you should be striving for your dream shape with the goal of healthiness in mind, not vanity. That means you need to make sure you’re replacing all the empty calories with filling and nutritional ones.

Nailing the perfect diet is complicated. It might take some trial and error to figure out. You could do some research to find an effective HCG diet plan because it’s crucial that you find an eating pattern which works for you permanently. Starving yourself and then bingeing in a never-ending cycle is not the answer because your weight will yo-yo which is very unhealthy. The goal is always to find a consistent and permanent diet. There is no universal answer as to the holy grail of a dietary plan. All people are different, and you know what your body needs depending on how much exercise you’re doing throughout the day. Essentially, you should be eating enough calories to replace the ones you burn off, or you’ll find that you’re low on energy and might, in fact, be doing more harm to your body than good.

If you want a ripped body, you can check out fitness contributor Helen Koya’s diet plan to drop weight fast. Keep in mind, this is NOT for the faint of heart!

EXERCISEExercise is obviously a very important thing that goes hand in hand with a good diet, but you don’t have to absolutely destroy your body to get results. Just keep active, aim for a goal such as 10,000 steps per day, and make sure you’re keeping your heart healthy with good cardio. TV DivaGal loves using her MYZONE belt and app to monitor her workouts. The belt transmits the percentage of effort you’re using during any type of workout so you can tweak your fitness regimen for the best workout yet. You can also check out what she did last summer to transform her body in 30 days

POSITIVITY. Your mind and body are interlinked. If you want to get that dream shape then, as mentioned in the introduction, your mental state is key. You have to be positive about what you’re doing, and that means it has to be a goal that you truly want. You can’t be losing weight (or gaining weight) for anybody else. It has to be for the end goal of making yourself healthier and happier. Check out these mind-positive affirmations from Inspiration Gal.

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