Three Yoga Essentials You Must Get Today (No. 3 May Surprise You)

By   |   June 11, 2017   |   Get Fit

Hey Divas!  Have you given Yoga a try?  It’s one of the hottest fittest forms out there. Not only does it have a balance-strengthening, lengthening and calming effect on your body, it can be a cardio workout when done at a more rigorous pace – something that can’t be found in any other exercise. Pilates often gets confused with yoga but Pilates has more focus on building up your core strength. With that said, Yoga is still thriving in popularity, despite the spin-offs.

If you have taken a yoga class before, you will know just how important it is to get the right items and mindset for your class. If you haven’t taken a class before but want to know how to get yourself prepared, read on…

The Mat. Most classes that you go to will provide their own yoga mats for you to use, but if you’d prefer to get your own (and you’re not alone on this – a lot of people buy their own mats so that they can practise at home), there are certain elements that you will need to look out for. Although it may not feel like you’re moving a lot during yoga, you are putting your body to the test – and by doing so can produce just as much, if not more, sweat as a regular cardio workout. This affects your ability to be able to balance properly on your mat, so you will need one with a good grip. Standard yoga mats are made from PVC and offer the texture and stickiness that you need to keep in the same position. The thickness of the mats can vary, and it all depends on what feels more comfortable and stable to you during poses.

The Gear. There are certain outfits which just don’t work whilst attempting some yoga poses. A loose t-shirt can fall back in your face while in an inverted pose, whereas something too tight can restrict your movements. It’s the same for what’s on your bottom half, too; some people prefer to wear shorts to keep their flexibility and grip in tax, whereas others opt for leggings. It can be hard to find better than Lululemon leggings when looking for what to buy, but there are cheaper options available which are just as good. Searching for recommendations on what to wear isn’t difficult within the yoga community – everyone is willing to give you their top tips.

The Hydration. Although it may seem like you’re not exerting yourself much, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated regularly throughout your class. It is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water over the course of the day, and there is no time better to do this than when you’re in your yoga class. You’ll be losing more water than you realize, especially if you are taking a hot yoga class rather than a standard one. And don’t forget your towel, just to make sure that you’re kept dry throughout the poses and to mop your brow when you’re done – you’ll need it!


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