TONE UP! Lean Out Like A Spider!

By   |   November 24, 2014   |   Entertainment, Get Fit

The DivaGals love to work out – after all we got to keep our curves in check! But we’re not trying to bulk up; we just want our muscles to look sinewy and sexy. So we are so down with the Spiderbands workout.

Spiderbands is an awesome fat-burning, muscle-leaning endurance-drenching workout is a total body experience. First step? Strapping yourself into resistance bands attached like a pulley system above your head. Second Step? Work the bands as your put through your paces in traditional cardio programs like boxing, rebounding and even indoor cycling.

The class we tried, SPIDERBOX, had us kicking, punching and climbing (yep, you read that right!) a freestanding weight bag. Seriously, we climbed up the side of the bag and held a plank as we literally defied gravity! You know we were sweating in minutes. But it was easy to tell that this killa workout, created by personal trainer Franci Cohen, can whip out booty, and every other curve, into perfect form.



Spiderbands offers 19 different types of classes in its Brooklyn location. And we’ve been told that Spiderbands will be expanding its reach within the next year. So if Santa doesn’t bring you a trip to BK this Xmas… don’t worry, you can put Spiderbands on your New Year’s Resolution list!

Learn more about Spiderbands at

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