TV DIVAGAL A Black Girl’s Point of View of The Bachelorette: William Ready to Grow Up?

By   |   June 27, 2011   |   Entertainment

As you know, this black girl loves her some Bachelorette. Maybe she loves seeing how many mistakes are made in the course of finding a soul mate.

William Holman was the second person eliminated on Bachelorette Ashley Herbert‘s two-on-one date, and girlfriend wasn’t even trying to be nice about it (you tell him, Ashley!). William’s problem? He didn’t want to grow up for love!

Of course, William tells us that his statement of being a real-life Peter Pan was misinterpreted. “I want to live life and still have fun throughout life… The way I said it maybe didn’t come across the best way, but I want to stay true to myself.”

Uh, yeah William, that ain’t going to fly with ANY woman. So TV DivaGal had to know. Is William ready to be a man for a woman?

“Some girls have approached me and said that they’re okay with someone that wants to still be a kid. I don’t know, maybe I’m scared of growing up,” William says.

“Of course, the older you get, the girls they’re looking for someone who’s a little bit more mature. ” True, William, true.

“I want to be young at heart, but obviously grow up because I do want to have children — that’s something I’ve wanted for years now. I know that I’ve matured from seeing myself on the show, and I know I still have some work to do.”

Glad to know that you know you have to grow up William, because I would hate to have to school you! (but we can always send a black girl to school you!).

The Bachelorette continues the search Monday, June 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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