TV DIVAGAL! Secrets from Sanya’s Glam and Gold Series Debut

By   |   July 25, 2013   |   Entertainment, Gals On The Town

At the screening party for the new series Sanya’s Glam and Gold, premiering tonight, our fearless intern Nadirah Washington talked with Sanya to get all the scoop on the new show, her husband, New York Giant’s Aaron Ross and Sanya herself!

What To Expect the First Season. I think this season you’ll see a totally different side of me. Most people don’t know me except from the the few seconds you see on the track. They’re really going to see how I relate to my husband and how I make my marriage work. My sister and I have a salon together. Having your sister and best friend and now you two are business partners, sometimes we have very opposing views and ideas, and it’s how we work through that. It’s going to be a fun show — there is some drama on there, but there’s a lot of love. You definitely see there’s a bond between us and we’re all very driven and hard working.

Where Sanya Keeps Her Gold. My gold medal is at my house in Austin – you actually see them on the show. And the Super Bowl rings. That’s what we consider home.

Sanya’s and Aaron’s Perfect Date Night. I don’t even like to go out. I just like to stay home because we’re always going out – I literally live out of my suitcase half the time! We cook together and watch a movie, and that’s the perfect date night.

Date Night Menu. My husband likes salmon, so it’s usually grilled salmon and this stew we make with veggies, and rice. We’re happy with that.

Pat Your Weave! I own a hair company called Gemini Strands. We sell curly, wavy and a natural kinky hair. I would say curly is my favorite because it’s so thick and looks full. I love that one that most!

Sanya’s Glam and Gold premieres Thursday, July 25 at 10 p.m. on WE tv.

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