TV PRESS TOUR ’16 Containment Star George Young Reveals His Anniversary Plans!


It’s Main Event Monday DivaGals! We were stoked to spend some time with George Young, star of The CW’s new drama Containment. He plays Dr. Victor Cannerts, who’s grappling with a world that been infected with a new virus that has no rate of survival – and can be passed from person to person within six ft. of one another!

George explained in this medical catastrophe, the key to survival is self containment. If you think you’re infected, you should quarantine yourself,” he shares of the imaginary disease. “There’s a 48-hour incubation period, so you wait it out.” If you don’t show any symptoms, you are in the clear.

Luckily, this is JUST a fictional drama. And that’s a good thing, since George is about to celebrate his first anniversary with his lovely wife Janet Hsieh on Jan. 22. “She’s a travel host … I just saw her in Taiwan,” George shared with us. “We got married in Antarctica of all places. And we filmed the show around the whole thing. We’re celebrating our anniversary by going to Zanzibar [East Africa]. We’re doing an A-Z sort of thing.” Too cute!

If you’re wondering about George’s background, he has Chinese and Greek roots.

His dad is Malaysian. “We have this Chinese New Year that’s happening on the fifth of February. Me and my dad, we do a tea ceremony which is very traditional.”

As for George’s mom, “I eat a lot of Greek food with her and my grandmother — my yiayia, which is Greek for grandmother,” he explained. “And I’ll watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding too, as all Greeks should.”

Watch George battle the epidemic in Containment, coming to The CW this spring.

photo credit: The CW

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