TV PRESS TOUR ’16 Game Of Silence’s Larenz Tate Spills His Diet and Workout Tips!


Hey DivaGals! On this #TransformationTuesday, we’re talking with Larenz Tate of NBC’s new drama Game of Silence. And we have to say, he looks good! So what’s his fitness secrets?

“I’ve been working hard,” Larenz shared with TV DivaGal at the Game of Silence panel press tour. The actor, who turned 40 this past September, explained, “First of all, it’s all about diet. People talk about abs and struggle with the abs. Someone told me, it’s not in the gym; abs start in the kitchen.”

With that in mind, Larenz has gotten, “rid of all the bread and the carbs, and I’m trying to eat as clean as I possibly can.”

As for his workouts, Larenz said, “Cardio is really good.” He runs regularly and adds some conditioning, but stresses that it’s “lightweight stuff,” to keep him looking lean.

In his newest role, Larenz plays Shawn, who is a part of a close knit group who committed a prank that went tragically awry as teens. They were sent to a correction facility where they were horribly abused, and now have to face their past, 25 years later.

“The people that were doing – in my mind crimes – against these children, they didn’t care what color they were,” shared Larenz, who is the only person of color among the friends. “Everyone got treated the same. So when kids got of the juvenile system, they made a pact to never speak of this again – until now.”

Intense! We’ll be watching Larenz – and his rocking physique, when Game of Silence premieres on NBC this spring.

photo credit: NBC


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