TV PRESS TOUR ’16! Jennifer Lopez Takes A Break From Her Workout!


It’s #LifestyleWednesdays DivaGals and this is some breaking news! Jennifer Lopez, who is currently starring in the new series Shades of Blue on NBC, revealed her workout program for the series – and she’s actually taking it easy from her grueling regime.

“I didn’t work out as much,” shared Jennifer, who also produces the series. “I thought this character was a little different from who I am in my real life — always having to stay fit and worry about my appearance. Harlee’s not like that.”

Jennifer explained her character is physically fit and works out, but she’s not fanatic about it. “It had to be a little bit more real than that.” She did admit that Harlee does wear eyeliner to bed. “Girls in New York, they wear eyeliner … it’s ok.”

JLo is about to kick off her three-year residency in Vegas next week. She’ll do 40 shows a year. Yeah, we don’t blame her for taking some time off from the gym before that!

Shades of Blue airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

photo credit: Instagram

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