TV Upfronts 2015 : What We’ll Be Watching This Season on ABC!

By   |   May 13, 2015   |   Entertainment

ABC may just be the happiest place on earth with its upcoming 60th celebration for Disneyland (hello, Princess Tiana!). Shonda Rhimes continues to dominate the network with her new series of who’s conning whom on The Catch. And the muppets are back – though the late Jim Henson may be saying these muppets are turnt out! Check out what you’ll be watching this Fall on ABC.

the muppets. WHAT IT’S ABOUT. The most famous puppets have their own mockumentary on what’s it like to… well, be a muppet. OUR DIVALICIOUS TAKE. You can’t get more diverse than this cast, I mean Kermit’s green! This is a more adult version of the muppets, with jokes that may not be suitable for kids. But then again, taking on Miss Piggy has always been a PG trip.


Quantico. WHAT IT’S ABOUT. This new series takes us inside the training of FBI agents, the men and women who are charged to protect our country. But one is a traitor, and setting up an Indian-American recruit to take the fall. OUR DIVALICIOUS TAKE. We’ve already recognized series star Priyanka Chopra as a Color of Beauty Awards honoree 2014. We’re not saying we had anything to do with this, but maybe ABC was checking us out?


Dr. Ken. WHAT IT’S ABOUT. This smart alec doctor can diagnose a patient in a heartbeat, but is still figuring out the right prescription to handle his wife and kids. OUR DIVALICIOUS TAKE. This is a classic sitcom of father trying to know his family best, something ABC has done well in the past. We loved star Ken Jeong as the breakout star in The Hangover, and he’s actually a real doctor, so we know he’ll have his medical lingo down cold. Tisha Campbell also stars.


Uncle Buck. WHAT IT’S ABOUT. Bad uncle makes for good family manny after one wild weekend with his niece and nephews. OUR DIVALICIOUS TAKE. Mike Epps is starring in this film retool, so yes, this Buck’s gone black. It’s a lot of broad potty humor, but sometimes we need that to get through the week.

photo credit: ABC

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