WATCH THIS! Comedy Awards’ Key & Peele Diva Demands!

By   |   May 8, 2014   |   Entertainment

Comedy Central stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele were named as Time Magazine 100 Most Influential – and now they’ve turned into total divas! On the carpet of the American Comedy Awards, airing tonight on NBC, TV DivaGal asked if the recognition had changed them.

“All I did on the flight here is scream at the flight attendant that the wine wasn’t the right temperature, so yea I’m still humble, yea we’re still humble,” Key declared.

Added Peele, “I immediately went down to the front desk of the hotel and requested an upgrade.”

Key took it one step further. “I just dressed down the driver; I was like this limousine is nowhere near long enough for just the two of us.”

And the comic duo wrapped it up in only the way they can. “We were like take us straight to Delaina on the red carpet, and they didn’t do that. So all of these people are fired. We wanted to come straight to the Delaina express!”

In all actuality, Key & Peele are humbled and in a surreal state to be on the same page with Beyonce, Pope Francis and Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. Key and Peele explained to me why their comedy appeals with all races.

“A lot of our material starts with what we consider universal truths,” shared Peele. “We start from that point, and we throw silliness on it.”

Key added, “everything we do is human and very often we put it in an African-American frame. But it’s about trying to get away with something: dealing with your own vanity, being afraid of another person, trying to impress somebody. All humans do those things; it’s just putting it in a framework we all recognize.”

Nicely put, Time men.

Catch the American Comedy Awards, Thursday May 8 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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