What We’re Watching This Week: Suits on USA, Outsiders on WGN & The Devil on FOX!

Suits season premiere Jan 2016

Here’s the shows we must-see this week — and you should too!

MONDAY, Jan. 25

Lucifer (9 p.m., Fox) We admit, we already have a devilish crush on Lucifer Morningstar, played by #WBWD Tom Ellis, who has abandoned his throne in Hell and moved to Los Angeles to run a nightclub. But along the way, he witnesses a murder and feels compelled to find the killer (maybe for another soul in the underworld?). One of our faves, D.B. Woodside plays an angel sent to earth to prove the devil really does exist!

TUESDAY, Jan. 26

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (9 p.m., The CW). A team of heroes have been rounded up by a man of the future to save the world. We just know that Wentworth Miller is a part of it!

Outsiders (9 p.m. WGN) You may think Outsiders isn’t for you since it’s about mountaineers fighting for control of land in a modern-day Appalachia. But think again. Broadway Empire alum Christina Jackson plays one of the few African-American residents in town who falls in love with one of the men fighting for control. Yes, this could get interesting!


Suits (10 p.m., USA) If you’ve been biting your nails since Suits‘ mid-season finale, time to get a manicure. The season picks up with Mike being arrested for fraud and under investigation, with his colleagues desperate to figure out a way to prove his innocence. Of course, this makes things just a little tough for his fiancee Rachel (Meghan Markle) who has to deal with the family fallout of dating a fake. Always a bummer!


You, Me And the Apocalypse (8 p.m., NBC) Wonder how people would handle the end of the world? Here’s one idea! Look for actors Gaia Scodellaro and Paterson Joseph as a nun and military official, respectively.

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