YOUR WEEK IN PARIS. 6 Secrets You Need to Know Before Visiting Paris!

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The DivaGals spent an incredible week in Paris for the wedding of our dear pal and love expert Samantha Bessuedo Drucker – her new married name – who wrote our series 90 Days To Find A Husband, read it!

There’s no doubt that Paris is one of the world’s finest cities with its bags of history and a culture that’s easy to fall in love with – and boy oh boy, is it pretty! If you’ve got your first trip to the French capital on the horizon, whoop whoop! It’s a stunning place. Now that the DivaGals are experts, there are some things you might want to know to make your trip stellar! We’ve helpfully compiled some useful information below. Bon voyage!

A Tale of Two Cities

OK, so Paris is technically made up of some twenty neighborhoods, known as the arrondissements – but the first-time visitor may be a little confused to learn that this gorgeous area is broken up by a body of water known as Seine River – leading to a Left and Right bank sitch. The Left Bank, known as “La Rive Gauche,” is on the south side of the Seine and made up of six arrondissements. It’s where you’ll Montparnasse (in the 14th arrondissement), the Latin Quarter (in the 5th and 6th arrondissements) where Breakfast In America resides, the Panthéon (pictured) and the famed Eiffel Tower. 

The Right Bank, “La Rive Droite” has been considered the more ritzy side. It is the home of the Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe (pictured) and Louvre Museum. It’s made up of the 16 remaining arrondissements, including one of our fave finds, the 16th.

A walk in this area will unveil cobble street shops, cute outdoor bistros and Maison de la Radio, the headquarters of Radio France. On the Avenue du Président Kennedy, a high-end residential area is located in the street’s oldest buildings. You can also check out the Palais de Chaillot, another museum that gives the Louvre a run for her money.

So how will you get to both sides? There’s always the Metro. And if you’re staying in the 15th or 16th arrondissement, they are connected by several bridges you can walk across. TIP: In any area, if all the menus/signs/advertising restaurants and bars are in English, you’re in tourist land, where everything is more expensive and less authentic.

Limber Up!

If you’re coming from the states, then you’re probably used to driving everywhere. This is not the case in Paris! We got the most out of the city by just walking around. Part of the charm of visiting is getting lost in the narrow, old streets and just simply taking the time to enjoy the stunning architecture. (According to our Samsung 9 health meter, we walked the most steps we’ve ever taken on a sunny afternoon in Paris!) Make sure that you have some comfortable shoes like those from CAT Footwear and click here for the best insoles. 

It’s Good To Learn a Few Words

Parisians – and the French in general – are nowhere near as rude as some corners make out. But to make sure of a friendly reception, take the time to learn a few French words and phrases – it’ll stop you from being rude yourself. Knowing how to say “hello (bonjour),” ” please (si vous plait),”  “thank you (merci)” and “goodbye (au revoir)” is the least you can do, especially as they take all of one minute to learn.

Dress Well, But Don’t Over Do It

The people of Paris have truly mastered the art of simply chic. There is an ease about their style which seems polished and unfussy at the same time. If you want to look your best in Paris, pack your clean, crisp and tailored items. You can get inspiration from our What We Wore Series, Part I and Part II. Walking around in flip-flops is not a strong look in the stylish French capital – not to mention, you’re feet wouldn’t last more than a mile!

You Don’t Need a Massive Bank Account

Paris can be expensive, but talk of its high-cost are generally overblown.  You can find great deals online for hotels – just remember, when they say two people per room, they mean it! There’s one thing you can get very inexpensively all over Paris, and that’s wine! Look for places with great deals on meals, take the metro (only 1.90 Euros per ride!) and try Taxify, Paris’ cheap Uber, to get by without breaking the bank. Save your pennies to splurge on entry to the city’s world-class museums.

You’ll Be Back

And finally, know this: this won’t be your one and only trip! Paris changes from season to season, and you’ll want to return to see what else the City of Love has to offer!


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