Dancing With the Stars: Diva Boys Premiere Night Review!

By   |   March 20, 2012   |   Entertainment, Lifestyle

Back again for another fun filled season of our favorite dancing show ΓÇô Dancing With the Stars! Hopefully your favorite Diva Boys will be soon reporting live from the studio for one of these episodes. Here are our first impressions and picks to win:

Maria Menounos
Jack Wagner
Melissa Gilbert

Sherri Sheperd, we love us some Sherri!
Gladys Knight, loved ya, but you movin’ slow!
Urkel? No way. Great to see alums Susan Lucci, Flo Henderson, and Chaz Bono in the house!!!

Maria & Derek (cha cha)- Wow, Maria is one of my picks to win this thing. I love her energy, and she was soooo pretty. What a great opening, and sheΓÇÖs smokinΓÇÖ hot. Love her laugh !!! She can loosen up a bit, but sheΓÇÖs gonna do great. Turn up the sex appeal, Maria!

Jack & Anna (foxtrot)- IΓÇÖve always loved Jack Wagner, oooohh Frisco! And come on, Melrose Place? He rules. Jack is another favorite of mine to win. He looks wonderful, and even if heΓÇÖs just skipping thru the steps, heΓÇÖs our hero. HeΓÇÖs a real actor, and heΓÇÖs got such presence, like Donny Osmond!!! Go, Jack, go!

Donald & Peta (cha cha) ΓÇô I donΓÇÖt really care for the sports cast members, but damn, this guy can move. Loved it. HeΓÇÖs a real crowd pleaser, the place went nuts for him!

Gavin & Karina (foxtrot) ΓÇô OOOhhhh Karina, you won last time! You better be good. OK. This dude is totally charming. I canΓÇÖt get enough of his smile. HeΓÇÖs also graceful and really hit the steps. I think heΓÇÖs going to be a force in this show!

Roshon & Chelsie (cha cha) ΓÇô who is this? I adore Chelsie, so I guess IΓÇÖll give this guy a chance. HeΓÇÖs the youngest cast member and heΓÇÖs doing pretty good. Very sharp moves ΓÇô including the moonwalk! The young underdog has some moves!

Sherri & Val (foxtrot) ΓÇô go Sherri GO! She kicked butt. Looked fabulous in violet sequins, and surprisingly light on her feet. She lit up the room with her glowing smile and Sherri baby routine.

Melissa & Maks (chacha) – super sexy routine. Melissa Gilbert rocks… loved her fast footwork. I really like her, and am routing for her in the finals as well! Go Half Pint!

William & Cheryl (chacha) ΓÇô William is muy caliente, but his routine was just alright. His good looks should get him far.

Martina & Tony ΓÇô (foxtrot) ΓÇô kinda boring. Martina gonna need votes!

Katherine & Mark ΓÇô (foxtrot) ΓÇô well, I love Mark, and this little blonde canary is adorable, but this routine is putting me to sleep! She has danced before, you can tell.

Gladys & Tristan ΓÇô (cha cha) ΓÇô wow Wow WOW! she was lovely.. .slow, steady, and fabulous!!!! The crowd went WILD for Gladys Knight. She lit up the room! SheΓÇÖs still got it for sure!

Jaleel & Kym ΓÇô (foxtrot) Urkel is too slow for me. I love Kym, but Jaleel looks a little too serious and stiff. Smooth, serious, sexy and the highest scorer tonight!

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  1. Christopher Mooney
    Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
    I love Dancing with the Stars!
  2. fanny
    Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
    i love reading these reviews! keep them coming
  3. fanny
    Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
    i love these reviews
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