21 DIVALICIOUS GIFTS No. 10 The Prettie Girls!

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GIFT No. 10 The Prettie Girls! Remember the first time you got a doll under the tree that looked just like you? All little girls should have the chance to play with a doll that reflects their own look and aura, which is why The Prettie Girls! dolls are the perfect gift. The collection features four 12-inch dolls of different backgrounds: African-American Lena; Latina Valencia, African Kimani and South Asian Dahlia. The dolls retail for $25 and are available at ToysRUs.com, Walmart.com and through The Prettie Girls! website, oneworlddolls.com.

The DivaGals met with The Prettie Girls! director of design and development Stacey McBride-Irby, who gave us some scoop on why she designed the line, what inspired her and what “Prettie” stands for.

How did The Prettie Girls! Line get started?

I worked at Mattel for 15 years designing Barbie, and at that time I was at a crossroads. I had created a Barbie line for the African-American community, but I knew I wanted to create a line of multicultural dolls that represented who we are and what the world is today. Dolls are often the first introduction to little girls’ self esteem. I know how important it was to me. I wanted to be able to empower little girls through my dolls and let them see themselves.

Did you love dolls as a kid yourself?

My first Barbie inspired me to become a fashion designer. I loved the clothes and playing with their hair, and I did play with the white dolls because I didn’t see a black doll where I could comb her hair back in the seventies and eighties. I had one Barbie, but you really couldn’t comb her hair. Making my own dolls, I wanted to focus on the hair and realistic ethnic features that little girls could relate to. As the mom of a 12-year-old, it is so important to get across the message to have a doll for little girls that looks like them.

Who are the lovely ladies in The Prettie Girls! collection?

There is Valencia, and she’s from Mexico. She’s our athletic girl. She loves getting healthy and working out, and making healthy meals for her friends. She loves baseball and writing in her journal. Lena is African American, and she’s our business girl. SheΓÇÖs out to save the world. SheΓÇÖs a spelling bee champion and loves getting the job done. She always has a positive attitude. But sheΓÇÖs not just all serious; sheΓÇÖs a cheerleader as well. Those were the first two dolls in our collection.

And you’ve added two more this year?

Yes. We have Dahlia from India. She rescues dogs and loves to recycle. She’s a bit of a comedian. Kimani is from Africa. She has her pop of color so she’s the creative one. She loves designing jewelry. She’s the BFF; the one that keeps them all together. These two new dolls are launching for the holiday. And we’re going to launch two more for Spring 2015.

What does the PRETTIE stand for?

Our message is Positve, Respectful, Enthusiastic, Truthful, Talented, Inspiring and Excellent!


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