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30 Days To Paris! Want A Body Like This For Your Vacation? Secrets From Celebrity Fitness Competitor Helen Koya!

By   |   May 29, 2018   |   Fitness, Food Fashion Style

In a week, we DivaGals leave for Paris to attend the wedding of our one of our own: Image Gal Samantha von Sperling!

Of course, we want to look our best. So we turned to our pal Helen Koya, an actress and celebrity fitness competitor, to get the scoop on how she stays incredible shape. Surely, we can do it for a week, right? Read on to hear about her grueling workout schedule and eating plan. Lord, help us all!


“I’m Helen Koya, and I’m a fitness competitor. When you see people on Instagram with incredible bodies, do you ever wonder what they REALLY do to get them, and I’m not talking the ones who just go to some doc for booty implants and a tummy tuck. I’m about to break down for you.

To be honest, it is a lot of sacrifices. But it’s funny, what might seem like a ‘sacrifice’ to have the body and fitness level that I have is honestly just a way of life for me now.

My day starts at around 5:30 a.m. I train in the mornings. My gym opens at six; I’m there bu 6:05 am. I love morning workouts. I love the quiet and empty space. The majority of the equipment is available, plus once the workout is complete about two hours later, I’m done for the day.

WORKOUT. My current workout consists of squats, benching and deadlifting around 90 percent of my maximum weight. Let me give you the numbers: I’m squatting 250 lbs. and above, benching 150 lbs. and above and deadlifting 360 lbs. and above. This is always followed by assistant work like split squats, leg pressing, triceps dips, floor presses, RDLs, hamstring curls, just to name a few. I also do several accessory exercises to help support these lifts. I am in the gym doing a variation of this routine five days a week. On top of that, I am a spinning and boot camp instructor and I teach eight classes throughout the week. So that’s about 18-plus hours in the gym every week.

My next competition is next month, so I am halfway through what’s known as my “peaking” block. Simply put, I’m pushing my body to its ultimate maxim. I’m wiped out after my routine.

In bodybuilding, when you’re getting closer to show day, everything comes down to the gram: that’s protein, carbs, fat and fiber. I control everything I eat – even how much Pam spray I use to fry some chicken. I weigh EVERYTHING I consume – even drinks like unsweetened almond milk. My water consumption is increased to about two gallons and above a day. I double my workouts daily – I will weight train in the morning and hit the gym for cardio in the evening which will consist of 45mins on the stair master. I do this six days a week.

FOOD. Now let’s talk about food. They say getting a great body is 20 percent exercise and 80 percent diet. And that’s pretty much true. I don’t normally have my first meal of the day until 2 pm, which for some people sounds crazy, but I’ll explain. My last meal of the day is always pretty late, around 9:30/10 p.m. and is also my largest meal of the day. So most times when I wake up, I am not remotely hungry and still pretty full actually. Some people might also call this way of eating Intermittent Fasting which has been successful in helping people lose mad pounds. But once you start it, you have to commit to the fasting plan 110 percent.

And yes, I track my food intake so I know how much protein, carb, fat and fiber I’m taking in and how to distribute my allowance over my meals. Every Sunday, I meal prep my week’s lunches and dinners. So I basically always know what I am going to eat before I eat it. Ever tried cottage cheese with splendid and cinnamon?!? Bodybuilders makeshift rice pudding YUMMY!!!

Now, this way of eating does not stop me from traveling, eating out and/or eating other people’s food. There are just some times you cannot possibly know the exact numbers in a meal you have not cooked yourself. In that case, I just say enjoy it, life’s too short. But 80 percent of the time, you have to be committed to how you eat. More than that and all that work in the gym is just a waste of time.

So yeah, getting a body like this isn’t easy, you gotta put in blood, sweat and reps if you want your body to look as good as mine. But if you really want it, it’s worth it.”

Helen Koya is a British actress and fitness enthusiast who competes in bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Read more of Helen’s fierce fitness tips. Follow Helen on Instagram @helenkoya.

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