90 Days to an Improved You Week #3: Let Go Of Your Demons & Recharge Yourself!

By   |   March 5, 2017   |   Fitness

Hello Divas, week #3 in terms of losing weight was a total failure. However, I’m feeling firmer and had the stamina to stand up to the craziness of NY Fashion Week and my production schedule. The days were extremely demanding and swung my daily routine (and some of my food choices although vegan and gluten free were still less than ideal) out of whack but I was able to get in two light workouts but nothing major. But thanks to Xerveo and the Beauty Detox lifestyle I had the energy and the strength to take it all on with aplomb and did some really great work!

Despite not losing any weight, the past week has been amazing! Professionally, so much moved forward! Projects advanced tremendously and I had the joy of doing a very special project with my man. The year long renovation of my partners apartment is finally at the 90 percent complete marker. This has me doing the happy dance. I have been living somewhat like a gypsy for about two years and its nice to finally be completely unpacked! Further steps were taken towards my professional update. Problems were solved and and important tasks were checked off my list. (Thank you Angelica!)

Spiritually, I let go of a few of a few demons. I decided that I can no longer grant access to people who are toxic or are Chupacabras of my time and energy. I’ve had enough emotional and psychological torture in my life. Now I just want to live every day with all the joy I can squeeze out of it. Cleaned house literally and figuratively. Some people were deleted from my contacts and others were deleted from my life. I changed my perspective about how I should feel. I want to feel great all the time. So people who don’t make me feel great, don’t get my emotional juice, or my presence. Something wonderful also happened. I think from the culmination of all the wonderful things happening but perhaps it was also because something inside of me shifted and I experienced a sense of calm I have never known. I don’t know how long it will last, but I feel great.

Socially, I spoke to and saw some friends during the course of the week. I value my friends. They are gifts from the universe that enrich our lives with more pleasure and human connection.

After four days with virtually no sleep I rewarded myself with a day of doing absolutely nothing! I stayed in bed to sleep deeply, and let my body and mind recharge and repair itself. I switched off all my devices for 24hrs – It’s one of my best beauty secrets!

Today, although somewhat dismayed by my lack of weight loss, the important thing is to get right back up and back on track! Which is fine, because after the great luxury of a days rest, I’ve got the energy and motivation too get back on my plan. I’m feeling optimistic. I have planned the focus for the next 70 days to┬ábe my health and fitness, along with completing the remaining tasks in less frantic manner. Building the time into my calendar to devote to getting back into shape, training for running the AHA Wall Street 5K and of course lose weight! This was just a small set back and I can make enormous strides in the raining days of my Xerveo Coffee Challenge.

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