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90 DAYS TO DIVA FITNESS CHALLENGE With Image Gal & Unleashed Fitness: Google Is Not An Expert

By   |   February 11, 2021   |   Fitness

Divas, If you’ve been following my columns Ask Sam or ImageGal you know that as part of the launch of my new book, 90 Days to Husband No. 2, your Lifestyle Genie decided, as part of my quest to help you find “The One” in 2021, I would offer extra support by teaming up with Sharon Polsky at Unleashed Fitness For Women. We are offering you ladies, The 90 Day To Diva Fitness Challenge. Featuring a different workout every day at Noon ET,  the video stays up for 24 hours so everyone can fit these fun yet effective workouts into your schedule. Commenting on the video is proof that you did it. We love accountability.

Each Friday we will also air a special  “Topic of the Week” video on our group. The program is FREE! This week’s topic is “Google Is Not An Expert.”

When looking for the next diet fix we easily fall down rabbit holes of misinformation and conflicting schools of thought. Because everyone wants to sell you their magic diet pill. If there was such a thing none of us would need to be reminded of the simple things like excessive, water and rest Adopting the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle, movement, breathing, hydration, sleep and mindful nutrition will have you on your way. It’s not easy but it’s not terribly hard and certainly worth it.

My Progress. It’s been three weeks into the challenge for me. You can start anytime, but you should start today because you are going to feel great!  I am making progress. If nothing else, I’m getting more sleep. Stress levels are going down and I’m drinking a lot more water. I’ve lost a few pounds so far. But the biggest difference I’m noticing is a feeling of being in control again and its getting easier to get out of my convertible, thanks to a better conditioned lower body.

Join the program, to get your sexy back, feel great and attract the love you want in 2021. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Step One: Purchase a copy of 90 Days To Husband No. 2!

Step Two: Join the 90 Days To Husband No.2! Facebook group and this fantastic program is for FREE!

>photo credit: Smartphone_Image by Sabrina Young from Pixabay

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