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Hello Divas! As you well know, our very own image gal Samantha Bessudo-Drucker launched the series 90 Days To Find A Husband and chronicled her adventures, which ended with her meeting her adorable husband Jeffrey on a niche dating site. Well, we here at DivaGalsDaily are ready for Round 2! Being a Divaliciously dedicated EIC, I’m taking on the challenge myself!

In this series, we’ll be exploring all different ways of finding the one – from online dating to actually hitting the pavement to find him in real-time! First up? Using an online niche dating site, just like Samantha did!

I was of those gals who watched Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle take her vows with Prince Harry, and thought – yep, I’m ready for my very own British prince! Wouldn’t be the first time. My first love was from England. Since then, I’ve dabbled with handsome men across the U.K. – from Britain to Ireland.  I definitely have an affinity – and there’s a niche dating site for that! was founded by married couple Ben and Becca, a business psychologist and a personal chef, respectively, after being inspired by their own international love story.

“I had this success with an American woman, and I see the chemistry between the two countries,” Ben shares with the DivaGals. He explains that many of the American women on the site seek the same thing, that chivalry “is not dead … There is a little bit more romance in the UK – all the fairy tales come from there, and there’s the monarchy. Men are taught to be polite and make an effort, so I think there’s that expectation.” I say that’s a good start! So what are some other reasons to find love across the pond? Read on!

TheyΓÇÖre More Mature. If youΓÇÖve dated a Brit, you quickly realize thereΓÇÖs a difference in their maturity level. Ben explains that in England, Brits ΓÇ£once they hit 18 you legally treat them like young adults, and they are going to be making decisions as adults.ΓÇ¥ Ben says that British men have to grow up a little bit faster because people expect them to know what they want to do with their lives at a younger age.

Their Wit Is Refined. Brits do have a sense of humor, but it tends to come in a drier tone. Delivered correctly it can be quite the turn-on. ΓÇ£Women like that,ΓÇ¥ Ben exclaims, ΓÇ£and men like it too.ΓÇ¥ Humor can play an important part in attraction and making a relationship work. ΓÇ£A good sense of it is always an added bonus,ΓÇ¥ Ben says.

TheyΓÇÖre More Diverse. UK has diversity across the country, which includes lots of British men from different races, and there are those members on DateBritishGuys. The site also boasts interracial and international relationships as part of its success stories. ΓÇ£Here, I think thereΓÇÖs an attraction, regardless of color,ΓÇ¥ Ben theorizes. He also explains that nationality comes before race in London. ΓÇ£If you live in England, you become British. Once youΓÇÖre in the club, youΓÇÖre considered British.ΓÇ¥ Ben feels there is less racial divide in the UK than in the US, which can open up the doors to meeting British men from all sorts of backgrounds.

There’s the Accent, Of Course! One of the best parts of dating a British man is that accent. On DateBritishGuys, there is a feature to ΓÇ£upload an audio clip. A lot of men enjoying listening to someone talking and hearing someoneΓÇÖs voice.ΓÇ¥ ItΓÇÖs only a minute, but we think you can learn a lot from a recorded greeting!

On DateBritishGuys, itΓÇÖs free to create a profile. Ben instructs to hotlist Brits you are interested in. Once you match, there is a fee to communicate ΓÇô for both parties. But isnΓÇÖt it worth it if you find your own Prince? We think so.

Get started on your Brit romance on Check back on my adventures right here on Thursdays.


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