ALLBLK Press Tour Winter 2021! The Millennials Cast Are A Hilarious Bunch – Diva This Premiere Tonight!

By   |   February 25, 2021   |   Entertainment

We’ve got a pretty strong feeling that Millennials, the new comedy on ALLBLK — a network in the AMC family — is going to be hilarious. How do we know? Because when we chatted with the cast about their characters, and their answers had us rolling in our Zoom chairs!

The series chronicles four twentysomething pals and neighbors who are navigating the process of life, professional and personal while living in Los Angeles.

The DivaGals asked the cast what traits they shared in common with their characters. And while we could surmise it for you, we think it’s best to let them answer with their own words.

Keraun “King Keraun” Harris, who plays Jaheem Cartwrite: “I can say that what me and my character connect to the most is being buff and looking good. My character looks good, as you can see, my shirt is off a lot and I have to work for that. So I made sure to work for that and I made sure to give the chicks what they want.

Aaron Grady, who plays Todd Fisher: “When it comes to my character, Todd is a really interesting character because in my personal and humble opinion, he’s the sexiest. And I’m pretty sexy in real life. And also Todd, his goal in life is to make the most amount of money with the least amount of work. So in my book, he’s a genius. Now, you know, he runs into some problems like taking experimental pills that have weird side effects, male prostitution — he’ll do anything. But at the end of the day, he has a good heart and his roommates let him stay there rent-free, so that’s what I’m talking to y’all about.”

Philip Bolden, who plays Travis Lewis: Okay, that’s not smart, okay? None of that is smart. Travis on the other hand, unfortunately, I am usually the smartest person in the room. People will say that I am the smartest person in the room. But no, I like to be the one who comes out with a lot of random, slightly-useless facts in my actual life. For sure, I’m sure you guys remember me saying something that I don’t remember sharing with you that you can’t use.”

Grady: “Something about Abraham Lincoln one time, yep.”

Bolden: Probably, something like that. Kyle Massey, I feel like we should just answer for him.

Kyle Massey, who plays Omar Benson: “Got it. I’ve been on mute this whole time. My character, his name is Omar. He really is just a kid. He’s just really focused on business school and really just moving up that social ladder in every element of his life: where he lives, where he works, how much he gets paid and what he does for a living. He’s just all about climbing that ladder and getting to the top. And sometimes, just the people that I live with and my friend group, they are just not on the same wave as me. They got their own things going on, and I feel like I’m really a driven character. I’m motivated. I know what I want. But there’s just a lot of distractions and I feel like when you put all of us into the pot together, that’s where funny stew happens.”

Thanks guys! So what does Teresa “Topnotch” Celeste, the show’s female star (she plays the aptly named character Mercedes Chardonnay Dubois) think of this bunch? “I absolutely love working with them. Everybody is so super talented and we had such a great time just filming, that I’m just so excited to look at the scenes that I wasn’t in, to see them and do their thing,” she shared. “It was just so great, everybody’s so funny. The chemistry was amazing. I cannot wait for you guys to just see what they did. And it’s just been awesome.”

We’re sure it was. But what’s it really to be surrounded by a bunch of guys? “You know, they’re men. Men are men but, you know, women are women. And who runs the world? Girls.”

We agree! Millennials premieres tonight, Thursday, Feb. 25 on ALLBLK.

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