Anthony Mackie Wants In On Blade! (Could It Become A Reality?)

By   |   June 25, 2017   |   Entertainment

Hey DivaGals! If you’re into superhero movies, you may have heard rumblings in the last few years about a possible Blade reboot. The original movie came out in the late ’90s and launched a three-film series that actually largely predated what’s come to be known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wesley Snipes starred as the titular antihero, and while the movies weren’t exactly masterpieces, they did gain something of a following. They were designed more in the spirit of, say, Underworld or the sequels to The Matrix than modern superhero flicks.

So far, the Blade character hasn’t factored into the MCU’s plan, but that hasn’t stopped Wesley from deciding he wants back in. The actor’s career has been a little bit quiet since the end of the trilogy, so this should probably come as no surprise. He’s spent the last two years or so publicly angling for a reboot, but unfortunately for fans, Marvel boss Kevin Feige indicated that such a project was not in the works. Marvel has surprised us before, but it definitely sounds like there won’t be a new Blade starring Snipes any time soon. And because the actor will eventually age out of starring superhero roles, that probably means there won’t be one ever.

That could mean the character will more or less die off outside of the old comics and the existing film trilogy. Unlike a lot of other Marvel heroes, he has a pretty limited presence in modern entertainment. Even in video games, where a huge array of Marvel characters have become better known to modern fans through mobile and online titles, Blade is almost absent. The character stars in one of several themed gaming options from Playtech, which has made a business of adapting Marvel personae. It’s a nice tribute to the old movies, and features an animated likeness of Snipes, even if it’s largely a traditional slot experience. Aside from this, his presence is very small. In fact, Blade hasn’t even made it into the RPG and fighting mobile games that Marvel is constantly updating with new heroes and villains.

That said, we might not quite be done clinging to hope of some kind of revival for this particular Marvel hero. It’s still a long shot, but Anthony Mackie has made it known that he’d like to take on the role, which has to at least make you think. He’s a promising young actor who’s already gotten a lot of experience, and it sounds like he more or less idolized Snipes growing up. The tricky part is that Mackie is already involved in the MCU: he plays the role of Falcon, but the studio could be creative enough to deal with this problem if needed.

Throw in the cryptic detail that Kate Beckinsale said last year she knew of a plan to bring Blade back to the big screen, and you’ve got to wonder what’s ultimately going to happen with this potential franchise. It definitely feels like Snipes is out, if for no other reason than that he’s getting a little old for the job. But a full reboot could be done with any actor who’s up to the task. Mackie would be terrific, but the likeliest bet is probably either that it’s done with neither Snipes nor Mackie or that it’s just not done at all.

photo credit: Marvel Studios

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