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Hi Divas. I just finished week 5! I try not to freak out when the scale does not go down the as much as I think it should for the work I’m putting into it. I try to remember that hormones, cycles, stress, even airplanes can make a difference when you weigh yourself. And yes, sometimes I just want to cry. But I don’t give up. I just keep going. In the end, it’s not about how much weight I can lose in 90 days, it’s about getting back into shape and staying in shape for the rest of my life. Working with multiple injuries is tough, but I’m still making progress even if it’s not as fast as I would like. I just keep going.

Here are my measurements as of now:

Waist 29
Hips 35.5
Bust 37
Weight 139.1

This means that starting this challenge I have actually gained and lost the same 6 lbs., twice! However, I lost 1-inch from my bust, 1-inch from my waist and 1/2 in from my hips! I’m not much lighter but I am a bit smaller, which means I’m building lean muscle as I reduce my fat. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less space!

As I look in the mirror I can plainly see the progress. It’s obvious that I am firmer. Definition I have not seen in a while is starting to reappear. The weight is redistributing and I am confident the weight will start to drop.

I have been feeling stronger and have had the energy to keep up with a travel and production schedule that is intense. Yes, despite my crazy schedule, I try to stick to my routine as much as possible and have been gradually increasing the amount of exercise and its intensity to see results.

Spring is trying to make its way here and that means regular outdoor runs, which I love, will become more attainable. I have also discovered some great tools on this journey like my Carrot fitness app which makes it possible to workout even in a hotel room. This funny-as-heck app offers short, majorly intense workouts that keep up your chuckles as well as your heart rate. I started with one session a day and have worked my way up to two sessions, plus whatever additional workout I had planned for that day. With Carrot, I know I will be done in 15 minutes so I do it now first thing before anything and it took me to another level of strength. Adding in nighttime cardio regularly will be my next hurdle for this month. Right now I am happy to be exercising 6 days a week and making some strides toward my AHA Wall street 5K run coming up in two months. Please support me if you can by visiting my page.

After more than a few weeks off from my M5 workouts (@MtcprodM) I did a Skype session over the weekend. I felt muscles working that I have not felt in a while, further proof that it takes a variety of exercises to keep things, toned, challenging and interesting. It’s important to keep it fun.

I hope that more of you will join me in the Xerveo Coffee Challenge so we can collectively lose more weight and simultaneously do more for the homeless in our area. There is a lot more hunger out there than the relief my few pounds to lose can provide. But as a group effort, we could do something terrific.

I also made a version of Kimberly SnyderΓÇÖs beauty detox ΓÇ£SallyΓÇÖs Salsa,ΓÇ¥ and discovered that I love making salsa and perhaps one of my new favorite beauty detox foods

Meanwhile, I have made further adjustments and continue to work out and count calories as much as possible. IΓÇÖm not always able to calculate everything but I know that I am eating cleaner and eating less. But the mindset has changed completely. I’m focused and disciplined, and the mind-body connection is proving itself in a flurry of activity, opportunities and new accomplishments professionally.

I have been an excellent coach in my career because I set my standards and my goals high and was willing to do what was necessary to achieve those things, for myself and for my clients. I take my own advice and from time to time in one’s life — especially at milestones and new chapters — it’s important to reevaluate and revamp things a bit to make everything fresh and current and cohesive with who we are now.

The body can not tell a lie, so my weight and my emotional state have both been shifting into something stronger and perhaps more vibrant than ever. IΓÇÖm having an amazing journey and am happy to have caught my second wind!

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