Keep Your Kids Protected From The Sun With BabyDonna, Black-Owned Mineral Sunscreen

By   |   October 4, 2023   |   Beauty, Lifestyle
BabyDonna Sunscreen stick

Summer is ending, but wearing sunscreen in the cooler months is just as important. Most children are still outdoors during recess and activities; protecting their skin from the sun is key. For many parents of color who use sunscreen on their children, chemical sunscreen has been their only choice…until now.

dalaise hickey, Founder CEO mineral sunscreen BabyDonna

Founder & CEO Dalaise Hickey created BabyDonna, a mineral sunscreen stick, out of her frustration as a parent of a child with eczema to find a sunscreen that didn’t irritate her baby’s skin or leave her ghostly white.

“My goal with bringing BabyDonna sunscreen to the market is to help other parents in my shoes have a safe sunscreen option for their children and also increase awareness about why we need to wear safe sunscreen,” she shares with the DivaGals.

“Black people are at a higher risk for diseases such as lupus and eczema, which can flare up with sun exposure. Wearing sunscreen is an additional protective measure to help protect against the damage sun exposure may cause for those with these conditions.”

BabyDonna sunscreen stick

BabyDonna is the first mineral sunscreen that is Black-owned and specifically formulated to help blend in better on darker skin to help provide a safe sunscreen option for parents looking to protect their children from the sun.

It’s a myth that Black people are not at risk for skin cancer, but we can develop it. While Black people don’t develop skin cancer at as high a rate as their white counterparts, the survival rate is much lower. Black men, in particular, have the lowest melanoma survival rate, with a five-year survival rate of just 52 percent.

“At BabyDonna, we are trying to change these outcomes by starting sun protection early,” Hickey says. “Our sunscreen stick targets babies and toddlers to start creating good skincare habits from the beginning.”

Many Black people believe that our melanin is an all-encompassing protector from the sun. While it does hold some protection, it cannot completely block the sun’s U/V rays, which can burn the skin. “At times, it may not appear like a typical burn but instead may appear like a skin irritation,” Hickey explains.

A sunburn can also increase the risk of developing skin cancer, which is all the more reason to start using sunscreen early. “Part of our mission is to spread awareness within the Black community about not only wearing sunscreen but wearing a safe chemical-free sunscreen.”

There’s an environmental concern caused by chemical sunscreens as well. “Many of these chemicals are harming the ocean’s coral reefs and life and have been deemed potentially endocrine disrupting.”

Get your BabyDonna mineral sunscreen stick today!

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