Be Like French Montana . . . Travel To Morocco in 2016!

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Hey Divas! It’s #LifestyleWednesday and 2016 is only a few weeks away! If youΓÇÖre looking for the ultimate in glitz and glamour, then you need to make a journey to Morocco. This country in North Africa is the home away from home for lots of movie stars and celebs, and it’s the birth place of French Montana! Marrakesh is the center of all the hubbub. Celebrities and tourists flock here every year for the shopping. As one of the most diverse areas of Africa, you canΓÇÖt beat the vibe.

Legendary rock star Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones reportedly had a wild time in the region in his day. Since then, each area has evolved into the perfect escape from the humdrum of life. There is more tolerance in the area, which makes it a traveler’s paradise.

ItΓÇÖs not just the rich and famous that love Morocco. Marrakesh has been a popular tourist destination for a long time. The city has a substantial maze near the center of souks. ItΓÇÖs easy to get lost with so much on offer. The souks are markets or stalls selling traditional Moroccan arts, crafts and other wares. ItΓÇÖs impossible to leave the country empty-handed after youΓÇÖve vacationed here.

The Beckhams have visited Marrakesh on several occasions. After they had renewed their vows here, this destination became even more popular. It is hard to stay away from such a vibrant and lively city. There are lots to see and do, and most of it is unique to this area. No wonder so many people are willing to travel so far to be here. For an authentic stay, rest your head in Morocco villa with a private pool. The magic of Marrakesh can inspire families, couples and even the hardy traveler to return again and again.

Hospitality is very important to the Moroccans. The food here can be exquisite as they pride themselves on dishes of the highest quality. The patisseries are very popular, serving some of the most delicious treats you can find. Many locals will avoid the carts and head straight to the patisserie instead. Djemaa el-Fnaa is world famous for its outdoor food stalls. But be wary if youΓÇÖre not hardened to street food. Head for the carts that other Moroccans eat at. TheyΓÇÖre likely to be the best.

A popular breakfast in Marrakesh is French pancakes or crepes. Dinner is served quite late in the restaurants so youΓÇÖll likely need a lunch of some sort. There are plenty of options, including kebabs. There may be mixed meats on some kebabs so be sure to check what you are getting before eating. Morocco has a lot of vegetarian dishes to enjoy too, but sometimes the same oil is used for the meats.

The medina is where you need to head to see the wealthier side of Morocco. It is a very glamorous place, with palaces and mansion-like riads, a traditional Moroccan home, to explore. The weather is nearly always ideal to take in the landscaping and gardens which the Moroccans pride themselves on. ItΓÇÖs great just to clear your head after the hustle and bustle of the markets too!

Morocco is a great vacation destination. Places like Marrakesh promise to offer a lot to those with a passion for shopping, and celebrity spotting too! We can’t wait to see your selfies from Morocco in 2016! Qatar and Delta Airlines both offer flights from the USA.


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