Beauty Secrets From Celebrity Makeup Artist Ramy Gafni!

By   |   August 12, 2015   |   Beauty

Welcome to #LifestyleWednesday! You know the key to a great makeup application is a good primer. We got a little sample of RAMY Elixir Skin Conditioning Primer at celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni‘s book launch party for his new book How To Fake Real Beauty. We tried the elixir, and now we’re obsessed!


Ramy tells us it contains cucumber extract, apricot kernel, and safflower in highly refined silicone to combat dry skin. It reduces redness and puffiness, prevents ingrown hairs and conditions fine lines and irritated skin. You can put under makeup to keep it looking fresh. You can apply at night to reduce redness and puffiness, and you loan it to your boyfriend to soothe his skin after he shaves. But we won’t complain if you keep it all yourself!

Thoroughly convinced that Ramy has all the secrets to flawless looking skin, we asked him to share his top three tips from Real Beauty for total transformation. And boy, did he deliver!


1. For a younger-looking complexion. Apply a concealer that is one-to-two shades lighter than your skin tone directly onto any line or wrinkle and blend it back and forth along the line or wrinkle. The concealer will make the lines look less deep and mimics the effects of fillers like Juviderm. Try RAMY Skin Stick HD Concealer ($24).


2. To make your eyes appear larger. Apply eyeshadow onto the crease of your eyes (where you feel the edge of your eyeball. Blend the shadow along the crease. Use a highlighter on your eyelids. Apply the highlighter onto your tear ducts and blend it out so that it covers your entire eye lid. Apply liner and mascara to upper lash line only. Add an extra coat of mascara for every decade over thirty to lift your eyes (one extra coat if youΓÇÖre forty, two extra coats if youΓÇÖre fifty, etc). Try RAMY Eyeshadow in Neutral Impact ($17), RAMY Pure Juice Highlighter (pictured, $28), RAMY Mascara in One Stop Shopping ($19) and RAMY Perfect Eye Wand ($24).


3. For “on fleek” eyebrows. Even the most beautiful eyebrows look more flawless when you fill them in. Use a neutral shade or a shade thatΓÇÖs two shades lighter than your hair color. If in doubt, opt for Taupe, which is universally flattering. Apply the brow filler where your eyebrow is or where youΓÇÖd like it to be. Then (very important!) brush through your brows to remove the excess product and┬á blend whats left behind for brows that look naturally gorgeous and not made-up or artificial. Try RAMY Perfect Brow Wand ($28) and RAMY Browtility Brush (pictured, $21).

RAMY products are available on, or on LOOK Boutiques in Duane Reade and Walgreens stores right here in New York City!

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