What It’s Like To Get BOSLEY Hair Restoration for Traction Alopecia! Plus, TV DivaGal’s Fave Hair Products – WATCH

By   |   February 23, 2017   |   Beauty
what it's like to get BOSLEY hair restoration

Hi Divas! TV DivaGal finally took the plunge. After years of suffering from traction alopecia, caused by too tightly braided hair extensions, I finally decided on a permanent solution to my hair loss: hair restoration.

Why I Got Hair Restoration

When follicles have been scarred beyond the point of growth, hair restoration is the only way to replace what’s gone. After much research, I put myself in the very capable hands of Bosley Hair Restoration, the leader in cutting-edge techniques for hair transplants.

My Bosley Hair Restoration Procedure

After meeting with the Bosley team, we decided that Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), a minimally invasive procedure, was best for me since I had such a large loss of hair in the front.

On the night before the procedure, I washed and conditioned my natural hair to prepare for my transplant. Arriving at 7:30 a.m., I was nervous. But Bosley’s talented team put me at ease. I took several antibiotics and another drug to calm my nerves. My doctor, the incredibly experienced Dr. David M. Alpeter, actually removed the small strip of hair and scalp from my donor area in the back. His expert crew then prepped my individual follicular group of hairs before “replanting” (grafting) them into the front of my head. “Artistry is essential when implanting the follicles,” Bosley says, and it shows in the exactness of their work.

The five hours it took to complete the surgery passed quickly. I was sent home with Bosley’s post-maintenance kit and thorough instructions on how to care for my hair until I had my sutures removed 10 days later. I only needed aspirin to deal with the uncomfortableness that I felt over the next few days and there was very little bleeding from the donor area.

How Long Will It Take To See Results After Hair Restoration?

Now comes the hardest part, waiting! It takes about three to five months before I’ll see any growth from my new hair but I can definitely feel their little buds. I have to say this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Ready to learn more? Visit Bosley for hair restoration information.

My Favorite Post-Hair Restoration Products

Here are some of my favorite products that I’m using to maintain my hair as well as my wigs, which I’m wearing (daytime only) to protect my hair as it grows in.

NATURAL HAIR: Asiam Leave-In Conditioner to moisturize natural hair before drying; Maui Moisture Weightless Oil Mist, a light sheen to nourish natural hair puffs; NutraFol, a supplement to help rebalance, repair, revitalize and regrow existing hair.

WIGS: Macadamia Professional Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray, which keeps wig hair from over-puffing once styled; ECRU Dry Texture Spray to add volume to closures; Beautiful Textures Curl Define Mousse to help slay my wigs flat on top.

Final Thoughts On Hair Restoration

If hair loss keeps you up at night stressed out about the damage (which can cause more hair loss!), it’s time to take action. Think about investing in a hair restoration procedure like the ones offered at Bosley and get your hair back!


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