Best Body Ever Day 15 … Revving Up My Plan (Goodbye Wine, Hello Step-Ups!)

By   |   June 15, 2016   |   Fitness

I’m at the halfway point of my 30-Day Body Challenge and I can’t lie … it’s harder than expected. I thought I’d drop lbs. like crazy through intense exercise and modified eating. But it turns out, for serious change (in a short amount of time) it’s not enough. You’ve got to go hardcore, with diet AND exercise.

Thank goodness for NY Health and Wellness Nutrition Director Jacqui Justice, who made these radical changes actually sound doable. She explains to drop the weight, protein is king and vegetables are the carbs of choice.

Jacqui suggests starting the day with a glass of water by the bed to drink first thing… it gets you hydrated, keeps your brain sharp and boosts your metabolism — she says it’s like giving your insides a good morning shower! She also sent her green goddess drink recipe, an easy and surprisingly delicious morning drink that gives a needed energy boost to get through grueling workouts. It also makes a great afternoon pick me up.

Jacqui advises eating 5 to 6 small protein-rich meals per day, two to three hours apart, to keep blood sugar balanced, metabolism revved and energy up for your body! Her fave choices are pasture-raised poultry, organic omega-3 rich eggs, grass-fed meat, wild cold water fish and whey protein. Add a good green vegetable: spinach, kale, Swiss chard. If adding a starchy carbs she opts for sweet potatoes and having them early in the day. She suggests the same for fruits … do them early.

Jacqui even offered a way to have my wine … if I must. “Have some protein before you drink to help temper the alcohol,” she shares. And to make sure to sip water in between to slow down how much alcohol I am taking in.


My trainer Chris from Mercedes Club NY was not as forgiving. “You can not drink,” he declared. Chris says losing 6 lbs. in 30 days isn’t impossible… but you have to be as determined in diet as you are in the gym.

He then put me through a punishing workout, stating that the key is mixing multi-level moves to get the most out of every step. There were squats with weighted shoulder raises, lunges with weighted twists, curtesy lunges off a bench, bench step ups. Chris believes in mind over matter, telling me to say aloud, “I’ve already lost 6 lbs. My body does not want alcohol.” It felt corny at first. But as I continued to push through his program I felt stronger saying it.

And it was running through my head as I attended a wedding celebration, a TONY viewing party and a preview screening of the new Fox series Lethal Weapon, and I didn’t have a drop.

To date, I’ve dropped 2.5lbs. Not much, but I feel 100 percent stronger, healthier and more in control over the choices I make for myself.

Check out Jacqui’s Green Goddess recipe below!

ΓÇó2 handfuls fresh organic baby spinach/kale
ΓÇó1/3ΓÇ¥ peeled and chopped cucumber
ΓÇó1 handful fresh cilantro/mint
ΓÇóJuice and zest of 1 lime/lemon
ΓÇó1 stalk organic celery
ΓÇó1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
ΓÇó1 cup pure water or organic green tea (chilled)
ΓÇó1/2 – 1 cup ice (optional)

Either juice or blend all ingredients until they are liquefied (a juicer that does not extract but retains the pulp/fiber is your best method). Makes approximately 2 to 3 8 oz. servings. Store remaining juice in glass mason jar – top with lime juice and refrigerate for up to 2 days. Enjoy!

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