Best Body Ever Day 28 – Mixing Up My Workout Regimen

By   |   June 28, 2016   |   Fitness

I have two more official days in my program. With the final days approaching, I have stepped up my game. More cardio, more conditioning and more lean protein!

I had another training session with Chris Weible at Mercedes Club NY. This time, I thought I was ready. But Chris, being the creative soul he is, revved it up oh, about 100 notches. Chris loves his multi-impact moves. There were squats to a lunge as I raised an arm over head. Pli├⌐ squats with a kettlebell. Planks got a side twist with another raised arm. And there was a move on the high pulley system that started with bicep curl, added a full body turn out and a then a full on jab. The moves were great … and my butt certainly felt it for days.

Of course, I can’t be with Chris 24 hours a day. I love hitting stuff. So I started taking Hip + Fit Kickboxing, a women’only cardio conditioning class based in the roots of martial arts. Creator and instructor Sherise King blended her years of martial arts experience into a sweat-drenching program that includes calisthenics, boxing drills — with and without partners — and core conditioning. Sherise doesn’t give water breaks, preferring her students to not stop working for the full 45 minutes (but you can take one if needed!).

I also took class with at DavidBartonGym called “ASSolutely ABBulous with Jabari.” Jabari Beaton, who looks like a sculpted African warrior, designed the class to target the lower body — yes that booty, chile! Between the step ups and squat downs, crunches and planks, and Jabari’s infectious attitude, I truly felt like I would look better naked (Barton’s motto) once I was done.

I also continued my regimen of running — 30 minutes, three times a week. According to my Inherent Health report, running is one the highest intensity exercises; meaning there is major calorie deficit in a short amount of time.

The takeaway? To really change my body, I’ve got to challenge my mind in unexpected and exciting ways. Divas, take the time to mix up your program and try new things. You just may discover a form of exercise you didn’t know would become an all-time fave!

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