Best Tips To Care And Style Your Natural Curls & ‘Fro!

By   |   September 29, 2017   |   Beauty

Hey Divas! Tired of maintaining those wigs and weaves? It’s time to let your textured hair flow! Our natural locks are beautiful and unique – from the softest waves to the tightest ‘fro. ┬áNow managing textured hair can be a challenge, we know! But we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to help you to embrace your natural and textured hair with ease!┬á

Take Your Conditioning Regime Seriously

You need to start taking your hair conditioning routine seriously, if you don’t currently do so. Making sure your hair is deeply and consistently conditioned is a must, as this will retain optimal moisture in your hair. Regular hair masks and treatments should be applied too, at least once weekly to give hair a real moisture boost in-between salon visits. We discovered some great products at Texture On The Runway during New York Fashion Week, including the ApHogee-Two-Step-Protein-Treatment system.

Find A Great Textured Hair Stylist  

The key to a great textured style is finding a great stylist. Take your time to find a great one who understands your hair type and will do their best to enhance and maintain itΓÇÖs natural beauty – from treatment to cut and styling. One of our faves is Falon Jaloi Hair & Makeup, who specializes in nurturing textured hair.

Choose The Right Shampoo

The right shampoo for your hair type is a must. Your shampoo should be sulfate free, as sulfate can leave hair dry and brittle. Bear in mind, textured hair usually doesnΓÇÖt require a deep clean with a shampoo as often as other hair types, though everyone is individual, and you need to wash at a rate that makes you feel comfortable. You can also look into co-washing your hair to keep it clean while maintaining its natural moisture.

Wear A Silk Scarf While You Sleep

Not wearing a silk scarf while you sleep is one of the biggest hair faux pas you can make. ItΓÇÖs easy to go to bed without one, but try to get into a good habit of putting one on before you go to sleep. This will help to keep the moisture in your hair, making it feel far more silky and manageable the text day. Cotton pillows will suck the moisture right out of your hair. People who donΓÇÖt wear a silk scarf usually wake up the next day and want to pile on the products, weighing it down and damaging it in the process. When you wear a hair scarf, youΓÇÖll maintain more moisture and won’t need as much styling the morning after.┬áBear in mind you may need to replace it every six months or so to ensure that itΓÇÖs still doing its job optimally.

Stay Away From Heat Where Possible

We know heat can help straighten out those tricky strands, but girl, we are trying to maintain our natural curls, so stay away from heat. This includes heated appliances and hot water. They both tend to strip hair of moisture, which is pretty awful for our hair type. Air drying or using a bonnet dryer is less attacking to our curls. 

Special Hair Accessories

Invest in a few special hair accessories to ensure that your hair looks as good as possible. Get hair bands covered in silk or satin for an updo as these won’t snag or pull on the hair at all. Try Curlformers to add a little definition to your curls. If you do want to give your hair a natural looking boost, you can look into textured hair extensions for black women from Mercy Hair Extensions, which specializes in 100 percent virgin hair in different types..

Get Regular Trims

Make sure you get into the habit of trimming your hair. If you donΓÇÖt, split ends can easily damage your precious strands. A little snip can go a long way in maintaining healthy hair and growth.

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